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Keeping SkyTrak parallel

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  • Keeping SkyTrak parallel

    My sim set up has been working pretty well, have a fiberbuilt mat with the skytrak and the metal case. However, the biggest issue I have run into is finding a way to keep the skytrak perfectly parallel to the mat and also move it off the mat like 5-6 inches so the red dot is sort of on far edge of the mat rather than 6 inches towards middle. What have people found to do this? Most of time it works great but there are times where I am like man I didn't cut that ball like that and check the skytrak and it has turned a couple inches.


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    This is where I got to after last couple days.I hung a string from the ceiling with a small weight on the end (the rubber tee that came with fiberbuilt). Then used that to try and center everything up with alignment sticks and the alignment mode. I think I got pretty close. I threw some carpet squares down to help the bounce of the balls off the net rolling behind me. I velcroed the wood board down to the concrete, then duct taped the metal case legs to the board. Velcroeing the mat down is a good idea too that I will do when I get home. I think this will work for now and will protect against small bumps which was all I was trying to do. When I do alignment mode and throw a stick on the two dots it points basically right at the string so I think I am in a good spot. Hit a couple chips and irons right at the line and when I hit it it started out straight. The picture here is after a drive that nicked the line to the right. Basically started out straight and then faded left because of the spin. Thank you for everyone's help!

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      If only you could get some distance now that you’re hitting it straight.