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Longer delay on TGC19 - any help appreciated

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  • Longer delay on TGC19 - any help appreciated

    First off, I want to thank all the posters on this message board. I rarely post but I often read and you guys have been instrumental in the construction and enjoyment of my sim garage.

    I started out with the skytrak off the iPad set up. The range on the skytrak app was a little over a four second delay between the shot and the display of said on the iPad. A few weeks later I got a gaming computer installed. Specs are:

    CPU: Ryzen 1600 with 16gb and 2400 ram.

    graphics card: Asus strix OC gtx 1080.

    I immediately noticed a dramatic improvement in the delay. It was down to 2.5 seconds maybe even a little less. When using the E6 connect demo I had the same great times.

    When I pulled the trigger on TGC19 I immediately went back to the 4.5 second delays. Obviously still using the same gaming computer and internet connection (which btw is 39.5 mbps download and 32.5 mbps upload).

    Ive tried the following fixes unsuccessfully:
    - taking firewall off windows 10
    - experimenting with offline mode
    - directly connecting the skytrak power cable to the cpu
    - laying a WiFi extender next to the skytrak (the modem itself is no more than 12 feet from skytrak)
    - playing TGC19 with graphics set all the way down to lowest quality.

    any ideas or suggestions you all have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


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    It is not clear, from your description. Have you tried USB connection yet. You mention powering it USB, but that is not the same as connecting it. If USB mode is faster, it is likely a network issue. If not, try lowering resolution way down to see if anything changes.


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      Thanks for those suggestions.

      you are correct, previously I was simply
      charging the ST off the computer. A few min ago I had it plugged in via usb mode and experienced the same longer delay in TGC.

      also cranked down resolution to no luck.

      appreciate you replying.


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        Its been my experience that mine is around 2 seconds in TGC2019. I run in wireless mode and do notice that TGC2019 is slower to show a shot over purely just the Skytrak software. So there is definitely a lag in communications.


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          Good to hear. Would love to get this figured out. Just tried direct mode to no success. Have you guys tried calling pro tee United? Anyone have a phone number? I’m using their support email address and haven’t been impressed with the customer support


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            Also, just ran an internet speed check off the gaming computer which is Ethernet connected to the modem. Game in at around 100/100


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              Your internet speed is unlikely the culprit since you're not downloading the course while each shot is hit. It's downloaded once and then played locally for the most part.

              The delay you are facing is going to be a hardware issue with Skytrak processing the image data and then send it to the Skytrak software.

              In the TGC situation, you have Skytrak processing the image data, sending it to TGC2019 which uses its own algorithm to calculate spin rates, etc.

              One thing you could try is to make sure you're plugging in the USB cable into a USB3.0 port and not accidentally into a USB 2.0 port.

              Unfortunately, I've seen videos of people playing TGC2019 on skytrak online and the delay of 4 seconds is what I've seen on most shots.


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                I will time TGC2019 when I get home from vacation. Definitely not 4 seconds. I think it feels longer than ST range because you are in a round.

                So we basically ruled out network and PC. I am stumped for now.


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                  There is a shot delay setting in TGC2019 (Settings menu). Did you try turning that down to zero?

                  I actually have mine set at 2 I think bc I am hitting into a net with a TV in front of me. When I set it to 0 the shot is produced in TGC within 1-2 seconds of me hitting the shot.


                  • Morini
                    Morini commented
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                    Didn't know this existed. I'm assuming mine is at zero, because it feels about same as ST range.

                  • caldiver
                    caldiver commented
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                    The default is not 0. It's 2.0 I think and it makes a difference.

                  • FaultyClubs
                    FaultyClubs commented
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                    There's no such setting. Maybe you are thinking of the follow camera delay setting (which is something completely different).

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                  intrinsic, thanks for your insight. I’m not against trying a 3.0 cable- will have to buy one on amazon. I saw a post from Seth about 4 years ago that said it prob wouldn’t work bc skytrak is checking and double checking for accuracy - not just struggling to transmit to the PC. However, I’m willing to try anything at this point.

                  Morini, I really appreciate you thinking about my delay while on vacation. True dedication to the community. I’ve timed it with a stop watch many times and it’s a definite 1.5 sometimes 2 seconds longer on TGC compared to ST. When you check yours, assuming TGC is coming well below what my time is - could you write back with what your specs are ? Thanks

                  caldiver, thanks for this suggestion. I look at both the settings icon on my desktop and the settings menu in the game itself and couldn’t find anything about shot
                  Delay. If you could speak more to how to

                  Find that setting I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


                  • caldiver
                    caldiver commented
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                    It's the settings menu in the game. It's in Game or Gameplay settings. It's a scrolling bar.

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                  Originally posted by Tjspicer View Post
                  Good to hear. Would love to get this figured out. Just tried direct mode to no success. Have you guys tried calling pro tee United? Anyone have a phone number? I’m using their support email address and haven’t been impressed with the customer support
                  Pro-Tee United is in Amsterdam. They provide excellent support by email, to just keep in mind their time zone and work hours. Like others have said, there shouldn't be much difference in shot delay between the SkyTrak app on PC and TGC2019 (~2 seconds with a fast gaming computer). USB mode or Direct mode are usually the most reliable connection method.
                  - Ron at


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                    2 seconds is minimum for Skytrak range, no matter how fast your computer. I will confirm when I get home, but TGC is probably a fraction more at most.

                    I have 3600x cpu, 3700xt gpu, 16 gig ram. Plenty fast.


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                      Oh and a plug for GungHoGolf. I used his analytics on top of Skytrak to learn more about clubhead data for my past shots and it was insightful to take a look at. I don't have Skytrak any longer but the analytics data provided by GungHoGolf was fun to see.


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                        Thanks as always for everyones input. Pro tee United suggested today to try maxing the power setting in windows for best performance. It certainly made my computer a lot faster but alas did nothing about the time delay in TGC. Going to buy a usb 3.0 tomorrow and five that a try.

                        do most of you guys play tgc on skytrak do so in usb, direct or network mode.

                        ive tried all 3 unsuccessfully but figured it would be a good tip to know for future usage.




                        • 3on3putt
                          3on3putt commented
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                          I use USB and find that to be the most consistent. Plus the skytrak always stays charged that way and the connection only takes a second or two to establish upon opening the app.

                        • GungHoGolf
                          GungHoGolf commented
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                          I use USB mode exclusively with both the SkyTrak app and TGC2019.