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TruGolf e6 -> News regarding Update in October?

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  • TruGolf e6 -> News regarding Update in October?

    Does anybody know, when the e6 will be updated?

    I've read in previous topics, that e6 will get a major update in October.

    any news is highly appreciated.


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    Funny, I was wondering the same thing last night and went over to their web site - saw nothing.


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      Me too.
      Hopefully they are working on a v1.7 demo to show off all its glory!


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        It was pushed back till Nov/Dec. I was told they will have some information in the coming weeks on what is going to offer, and I don't think it is going to be E6 1.7. It seems like they will be going with another name. Anyways, we should now in the coming month the plan for the software going forward.


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          okay, thanks for this input, col forbin, let's hope they come with some more details soon! :-)


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            I was told that E6 cloud that was supposed to launch Oct 1 won't launch until late Oct or early Nov. I was also told the update to E6 will happen after the 1st of the year. My guess is that they will unveil it at the PGA Show in Jan and then get it to market later in the year.


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              Looking forward to it. I've become a huge E6 fan. My group did a trip to Alabama Cambrian Ridge last week. I could not have been more impressed how accurately E6 had recreated this course.... literally perfect. If a new version Of E6 is coming I'm interested.