TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Shardak (NET) and @Bradford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 FALL TOUR - OHL Classic !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 FALL TOUR - The RSM Classic with 2 rounds at TPC Boston :
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SQ Beta Screen Review

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    Oh, I mean my balls go between my screen and my side trim but not on the floor (at 1 meter elevated for exemple). The ball hit the sceen on the right and get under the side trim and finish behind all the stucture. Not sure if I am clear sorry ^^


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      My side trim is attached by super strong double sided Velcro that is stiched to the screen and the trim attaches as it is like felt surface. Very difficult to detach the trim from the screen and therefore balls cannot got past the attachment point.


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        Thank you very much again !

        And sorry for the thread ! But as I have 4 screens from par2pro (older version than SQ) I can say their product are very good, you can go with without a doubt for those who are looking for a good screen :-)


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          Setup looks awesome. May I ask what that ceiling protection is? was it sold by Cory at Par2Pro? Also, did you get the screen with the velcro already sewn into it?


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            The screen had a loop Velcro down into the edges and then Cory provided Velcro to attach to the angle irons. Then the side protection is made of material that attaches to loop Velcro allowing you to attach it on both sides to the screen and angle irons, spanning over the bungee cords.
            The ceiling protection was actually an idea of a buddy of mine made of 1.5” foam insulation board from Home Depot wrapped in felt from Joann fabrics. Stapled taught and then I put double sided velcro in it to secure to ceiling.


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              I just rigged my screen up last week, still working on the projector, anyone know how to get these creases out? Also, I feel like my bungee setup is not ideal because the screen bunches up after hitting into it...any suggestions on that too?