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Congrats to @Gary Satterwhite winning the TGC 2017 Summer Tour - PGA Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2017 Summer Tour - Wyndham Championship with 2 rounds at Tobacco Dunes Golf Club ProTee :
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Another fold up garage build

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    Love the idea, and your detailed description of the project. How much do your side panels (plywood) stick out from your back wall? Was there any reason you chose that length? Keep up the great work!!


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      They come out about 2'. Only basis for that was I wanted about a foot for the screen and figured the VCAM would take almost a foot when folded up if I decide not to make it removable easily.


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        Anybody have any carpet tiles they're particularly happy with? Preferably from a big box store.
        I was going to have a combination of dark carpet tiles and turf on the platform and put some more tiles on the inside of the side walls.


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          Picked up a synlawn remnant and installed the turf on the back 4' of the platform. I also put a 6" strip of turf on each side edge to help keep balls from rolling off the platform.
          Secured my VCAM too, but still need to dial it in, I think it's close.

          Used safety pins to adjust the length of the side curtains. May still need to adjust them some, but it's much better than it was.


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            I am excited to see someone taking on a movable ProTee setup. If I knew I could move a ProTee setup around in my garage, that would be a game changer. Keep it going, Distin!


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              Thanks Punte, unfortunately I've stalled out a bit lately. Need to find some carpet for the rest of the platform, but I think what's left will come together pretty quick once I have the materials.


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                While I'm waiting on my carpet tiles I started farting around with an overlay for the control panel at the back of the platform. I drew up the layout in sketchup and exported it into GIMP to do the graphics. First time using GIMP so if anyone has any suggestions/criticism please share. Here's what I came up with for now anyways.

                I'd get it printed on adhesive backed vinyl.