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Best mat I've ever hit off of, wow!

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  • Best mat I've ever hit off of, wow!

    I'm in the process of building my golf sim and have been using old mats from when I was a Golf Course Superintendent. I'm a 50 year old with a 10 handicap with the old system...if that matters. I've also got a wrist that is so bad that when the doctors look at my MRI, they all, that's impressive since it's so bad. So yes, I need all the cushioning I can get if I want to hit a couple hundred balls at a time off a mat and live to tell about it.

    I purchased a CCE mat after reading about it here on this site and ordered through Costco for $450. Then I went to my old club where I was the Super....and they bought new mats which changed everything for me. They were so good that the next day I called the Pro to ask what he purchased. It's the Quattro Mat from Wittek Eagle One....a company I used to buy things from so I was familiar with them. Top notch products for sure.

    So I ordered one and will be returning my CCE mat back even before I try to compare. I paid $399 for the Wittek Quattro plus another $100 for shipping. Next day after I ordered (ouch), they went on sale for $325. Get yours now.

    Just thought I'd throw this post out there for others that are old and have pain like I do so that there is a solution...the Quarrto!

    Play well.
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    Originally posted by grant2145 View Post
    The mat is about only 1.4 inches tall. I have my section inserted in a rubber base, if it was just on the floor next to your stance mat I would expect it to crawl forward with every swing. You'll want to find a way to anchor it to your stance mat.
    Planning on gluing it to 1/2 inch exercise mat. (at ~ 1.9" vs 1.75" of CEE wont be too bad). This way it will be locked in with the other flooring. Hopefully that will keep it in place, otherwise liek you aid I'll have to anchor to the stance mat.


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      I have my simulator setup in my garage that I have to put away each time I use it. I bring out my 3 x 5 Five Star Perfect ReACTION mat each time. It sits on the concrete and I have some grip tape laid out to prevent it from sliding. The mat is very good and I have been very impressed by the feel and durability. What would you all recommend to put underneath it to make it even more comfortable on the elbows? I do suffer from tennis elbow every now and then. I have a driver fitting tomorrow and my right elbow flared up this morning after a practice session.


      • Ducati07
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        You might want to try some thin yoga mat under?

        I think the best thing you could do would be to buy a Quattro mat or one of those above that resembles it.

        I would, in my opinion, go with a larger mat than you currently have so you’ve got plenty of room to stand/hit from more than one spot. If you’re hitting from an uneven surface, that might be contributing to your elbow ailment.

        Do what I a nice bottle of wine for your wife then when she’s done with it, tell her that’s the problem with your elbow and you’re spending her money on it because your health is most important.

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      I like the way you think. 😂 Thanks for the info and recommendation.


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        I got a quote for an 18' x 48" and they wanted $127.00 shipped($48 for the piece $79 to ship it.). I may have to think that over. I like the price grant2145 got.


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          Got my quote for a 2’x4’ strip of 3D and it is $75 plus $85 shipping. I asked to throw another one in and the new quote is $150 for the grass and $160 shipping. How is there not any savings on shipping by going multiple units? Also I think I win for highest quote so far.


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            Tell them your friend got a quote similar to one above. They gave me a some highball number but when I said a friend got a much lower quote they matched it.


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              This is what I got as a quote, just for reference for shipping to Virginia

              1. 18" x 48" 3D mats, the cost is USD48.00/pc and the express cost is USD69.2
              2. 24" x48" 3D mats, the cost is USD73.00/pc and the express cost is USD77.65


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                I don't think we are all ordering from the same supplier. Same mat, different sellers


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                  My samples came in from today... amazing is all I can say. They have some thick grass varieties (2.17" thick), and also putting green varieties. They also make this for people to replace their lawns with, so it has dead grass woven into it and looks like real grass. I'm not sure how it will hold up, but it sure looks and feels amazingly like real grass. I will post some pics over the weekend.

                  I will say this though, it would have to be mounted on foam backing to be useful (at least the putting green variety of it). I'm going to consider purchasing the putting green type if the stimp on it measures close to my home course... have to see on that, but I can say this is quality material and I think way better than what you're going to get on a boat from China, let's see though what they say on lifetime uses, for hitting on, if it holds up to that and has a high shot guarantee (such as FiberBuilt - 300,000 shots) than it may be my top pick....


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                    Has anyone else recieved the mat from Yantai YGT yet? Any comments against fiberbuilt or CCE


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                      I got mine yesterday, cool packaging for sure. It is tarp that was hand stitched closed around the pieces of turf! I used it a little, it seems pretty nice, I like the feel of something more solid to hit down on which give me better contact with the ball as opposed to fiberfbuilt which I feel like I am picking the ball of the turf not really compressing it. Will see how it holds up with regard to joint/forearm soreness overtime as that is the issue with any mat you hit down onto.


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                        I received mine today. Paid for January 8, delived to the province of Ontario January 17. It is dimensionally accurate and cut square to what I ordered.

                        I have a mat similar to a cce. The deceleration is what hurts you from a cce if you take a divot type swing, in my opinion. This has a shorter nap and doesn't grab the club as aggressive. It would benefit from a soft layer underneath if you have to bring it to height to match the existing surface. It is 1.5" in thickness.

                        ​​​​It is not as soft as hitting on a fiberbuilt, but not as grabby as a CCE type mat.
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                        • jerry3
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                          Ports is this the quattro or the one from china?

                        • Ports
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                          It's from China, but I have a feeling it's all coming from China, and the same manufacturer

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                        I was hesitant ordering mat from China, so I contacted Tim @ Wittek Eagle One about the Quattro Mat. I told him I had heard from this forum it had been on sale for $325 and he said he would honor that price - thanks Ducati07 for mentioning the sale!! I can't wait to test it out.


                        • Ducati07
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                          That's awesome that Tim gave you the sale price. Like I said, the products and the company itself is top notch.

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                        I hit on a mat at a big box sporting goods store yesterday to test out a possible new club purchase and all I could think is that they should have the Quattro. I ended up not buying the didn't help that I didn't want to hit more than around 10 shots off the mat. Felt like hitting off of concrete.


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                          I bought a couple 12"x35" pieces of this YGT-3D mat from China.. total was $130. I received it in about 5 days (much faster than the 10 they estimated).

                          My overall thoughts are that its a bit firmer than Fiberbuilt but felt really good hitting irons off of it. My carry distances were spot on. The only negative I might say is that I lost about 1-2K backspin on full 58W shots. I use Kirkland 4 piece tour balls and my FB mat could get 11000 backspin pretty regularly.

                          I had to trim off 1/4 inch to get it fitting flush and what stuck out to me is that it has a center section of fibers that are quite springy (see picture). I suspect this acts sort of like a divot action and probably explains feeling less strain when hitting down through the mat.

                          I also included some ball data but unfortunately my Fiberbuilt mat was sold a couple of days before getting the new mat. It would have been better obviously to hit same ball/club from each mat and compare data. At any rate I think this is a keeper for now I don't feel the need to replace it.

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                            How does it react on fat shots?

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                            I only had one somewhat fat swing last night on a 5I and it lost 10 yards and some backspin... I'll update some more after I've put a few rounds on it.