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List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

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  • List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

    Hey guys.... I just wanted to let everyone know that reads/follows this thread... I called and spoke with a contact I have at Foresight and explained to him the general feeling of lack of care of customer feedback by Foresight. I am certainly making zero claims that all our voices will suddenly be heard and that every problem we have outlined in this thread will be immediately addressed but I can tell you that my contact is aware and following this thread and I have been told that it will continue to be monitored from this point forward by him.
    His one request is that when listing issues with FSX 2018 (or other supported Foresight software versions) that you be as specific as possible when describing your issue/bug/request for future development. The more specific you get the more likely they will be able to address it.
    Again, I am making zero claims about what will actually happen with the information that hits this thread BUT I will promise all of you I will continue to draw my contacts attention to the thread when I see new posts.
    I hope this helps the GSF community begin to create a better working relationship with Foresight and I will certainly do whatever I can to continue to facilitate it in the future!

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    When playing a 2 man or 3 man scramble we regularly (2-3 times per round) have a shot listed as a gimme when it should not be. For example, Player 1 and Player 2 hit their drives. Player 1's drive is in the water. Player 2's drive is 150 yards from the green in the rough and listed as a gimme. If we select Player 2's shot, we'll get a 3 on the hole. Obviously, not ideal. House rules are that gimmes outside the actual 6 ft. putt gimme are not selectable, thus making it a very tough hole when you have to drop in a scramble.

    There has been no consistency when the false gimmes show up. Sometimes it's the best shot on the hole, sometimes it's the worse. Tends to happen more often on drives then on approach shots. Happens with 2, 3 and 4 player scrambles. Has happened on 10+ different courses.

    I emailed Foresight about it months ago and never heard back from them. This has been happening since FSX and continues to happen in FSX 2018.


    • mmlincon
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      Agreed, I've run into this one as well.

    • mmlincon
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      Actually, I sent this to support as well so they should be well aware of it.

      The video below has examples at: 13:20 & 14:50

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    Another big issue is when you hit in a water hazard and you select drop it will sometimes drop you in the middle of the body of water.


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      Also if you hit rehit it won’t add a penalty stroke


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        This one is a big issue for me, this is a basic rule of golf that has been completely missed

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      Another thing I have noticed on any of the closest to the green challenges I have created locally on even attempted to play online do not register a shot on the green. It treats it as if it was a disqualified shot.


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        #1. Crashes quite often when deleting all shots from the shot table, select ALL and hit delete, freezes and goes back to desktop.
        #2. Does not consistently hold the player information, I had 3 player names and one of them that keeps link to fsx account. Loaded fsx last night and went back to Player1 being the only player there. This might be related to #1. after a crash it loses player information. I will see where it stores player info and backup the xml file and further test that they disappear after a crash to desktop


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          The camera controls for such high end software should be better than basic Microsoft sdk (I think I was told that is all it is). My high end IDS camera image is flipped upside down and I can't get half of what I should out of it.


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            It would be nice in the video playback screen if video was able to be started with play button then paused with pause button and then also restarted with the pause button. Currently you have to pause then press play again and by the time you have looked down to move cursor to back to play key you have missed the swing detail you were looking for . Also max slo mo speed of 1/4 not really slow enough , a couple of other slower settings would also be good.


            • Stingreye
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              Baller you are correct, however, a step back a frame button would be a nice addition too.

            • Baller
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              Yeah, does it do the same thing to you when you step back??? Does it go all the way to the beginning?

            • Kmurray
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              Hi Baller,
              Thanks for that info.....I did not know that....I will try that today...

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            It'd be nice if instead of just monitoring this board, they participated in the support of this board. Just sayin...


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              gibbiesmalls Ultimately I 100% agree with you but in their defense I started talks with my Foresight contact just last week and he flat out told me, don't expect any change in monitoring until after the PGA show week is over. So, that was last week... I am sure things are crazy for them the week getting back too. I think it's reasonable to start seeing something from them starting next week. Not making excuses for them but just being reasonable considering the PGA show. Until then I hope everyone keeps adding to this list... I know I have some more to add after playing (or trying to play) this past weekend.


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                I use FSX2018 only for practice. It works ok but for the price of the software i think you could expect more.
                It still has potential to be really good, but it needs work.


                Random crashes, not a big deal during practice but it's still a annoying. I can be hitting balls on the range and all of a sudden it crashes and i have to restart.

                Audio. sometimes there is no audio at all and you have to restart software. Sometimes the audio just drops out and ten minutes later it's back?

                Swing recording. Frame by frame button is a must on this kind of software and should be easy enough to implement.

                Dual screens works randomly and the settings seems to vary from time to time? At the moment i don't use this feature because of it.

                Graphics: There was alot more graphic settings in FR1 and i think there should be so you can better adjust everything for your circumstances.

                Offset settings: The simulator setup tool needs to have a stepless setting for hitting of center. Right now it works in too big steps and it's a real pain to setup.

                Auto advance: There is no option for it anymore. I had to find the system file to get it to work. This should be an option in the UI.

                Skills: It should be based on carry numbers and not total. The target greens are to hard. Personally i wish the glass screen target would be dropped.

                FSX Live: I'm from europe and use meters, so i would like to have the option to see meters here too. (maybe there is a setting i have not found?)

                Boost feature: In FR1 there was a boost feature. This was great when i was playing with my 7yo son. It made the game so much more fun for him. Would be nice if we could get that back.

                I sure hope Foresight is paying attention.

                Last edited by Snaphook; 01-28-2019, 11:04 PM. Reason: I was wrong about dual cameras:-)


                • mmlincon
                  mmlincon commented
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                  Are you on the latest version of FSX2018? v5.2.1.0

                  Crashes: I don't experience crashes but I know others do. I would include what you're doing when this happens. Random crashes is pretty useless from a support stand point.

                  Swing Recording: Dual camera works fine in the latest. You can do frame by frame but it's clunky - definitely room for improvement

                  Dual Screens: Mine is very stable but there are still issues if you try to mix resolutions

                  Skills: You can create your own challenges and leave out the glass. I'd like to have glass targets like big break. Everything is final distance. Carry would be a nice option.

                  Boost: You can get a suito boost by setting a high elevation

                • Snaphook
                  Snaphook commented
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                  Yes i am on the latest version.
                  Put in the info above about crashes.
                  I just tried now and the dual cameras work? I edited above.
                  Dual screens: That is exactly my problem, different resolutions on projector and monitor
                  Skills: You are right. An option for carry would be very nice.
                  Boost: i only want to the boost for my son and not for myself. This was a really great feature in FR1

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                When playing an opponent in "Match Play" and the round goes into "Dormie" status, the yardage indicator seen circled in this photo disappears. No longer able to see yardage to the hole and no longer see the shot distance counter during shots. My guess is this will happen no matter where you are playing but for completeness this round was played on La Jolla Pines and occurred on the 16th through 18th holes.
                Attached Files


                • mmlincon
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                  I noticed this as well. I wondered if it was to give the down opponent an edge and a better chance to catch up LOL

                • rgstech
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                  I have the same issue. I think it's a scaling issue with the Foresight logo on certain resolutions (even though the logo isn't displayed on the screenshot in this post.. odd). I'd be curious if the same thing happens at 4K resolution.

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                IN FSX 2018... when competing with an opponent in a "Closest to the Pin":
                1) There should be an option to alternate shots instead of only being able to take all three shots for each person in a row. Would add to the drama.
                2) There should be a customizable option of how many shots the competition is.
                2) Where is the scoreboard of who is winning during the competition and who has won and what the winning shot was after the competition???? Am I missing something or do you have to memorize your 3 shots and compare it to your opponents memorized 3 shots? If this is true I am shocked that they even released this. If anyone know that I am missing something here please tell me or if I am correct please confirm that this is the case.


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                  Regarding the new "green contour" option, what does all the balls dropping on the green tell you about the green?
                  For me at least, the balls just hit the green and they don't move.... figured they would roll or something to let u know which way the green slopes?


                  • mmlincon
                    mmlincon commented
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                    maybe the balls need to be dropped from higher than knee height? haha, new rule joke. Seriously though, the ball behavior does not match the slope behavior on the greens. It's like they are sticky or dropping on way to slow of a stimp to show the slope. Plus I'd like to see a larger pattern.

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                  Version With 4K (UHD) the Conditions Screen formatting is messed up. The sliders overlap the titles. Bit of a mess. Not that big of a deal since conditions can be edited after the game is loaded which is a huge plus. Incidentally, the formatting is fine on the conditions pages once the game is loaded. This is only an issue with initial setup.