TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Wes B45 (NET) and @Chris Knoop (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - Genesis Open with 2 rounds at Riviera Country Club White Tees :
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List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

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    Version Using mixed resolution still lowers output even though FSX2018 reports the correct resolution.

    Primary: Set to 1080
    Secondary: Set to 2160 <--- Displays 1080

    See Pics, both are the secondary display. One is UHD with both displays set to 2160. The other is set to 2160(secondary) but the Primary display is set to 1080 which downgrades the Secondary to 1080. Why would you want to do this? So you can use an affordable touchscreen as the Primary and use the improved UHD image for projection.


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      I have played the 6 foot challenge a couple of times. LOVE it, however the first time I played I unlocked up to the 8th level (?). Next time I went to play, all the levels were re-locked. Is this a bug or a feature lol?

      EDIT: BTW all the chips/pitches are very similar distances... It would be awesome to have a user defined range of distances, or at least a little more variation
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        I had this wishlist saved up for a while but here they go...

        FSX2018 for PC Suggestion
        1 Face angle showing in Analysis.
        2 Show Tilt Angle/Total Spin option in Analysis and not just Backspin/Sidespin.
        3 Green Grid more appealing (currently too many white dots ruling over the entire green is very confusing). Perhaps limiting the grid area to a less extent would look more appealing. Also to show the grid on the fairway/rough shots too.
        4 More precise keyboard arrow-key for targeting the pin (i.e. by press/holding the arrow button will move left/right with more precision than just by one step at a time with each click).
        5 Have more camera option for ball flight. A good example is e6 and Trackman simulator camera view options for tracking the ball or TV view.
        6 Have a way to save each sessions so you can see swing video, ball trajectory, session data, etc...
        7 Able to choose To Pin distance for putting/pitching rather than clicking for distance each time (currently it only supports 50,75,100yds and so on only. No less than 50yds available). It looks like FSX for ipad/iphone is already implementing that.
        8 Have a bunker/rough zone in Foresight Range.
        9 In Table mode of ball analysis, have a way to Select All shots if you want to delete all, or modify one shot (ie to a different club, different tag, etc.).
        10 Have a Tag feature for a shot so you can always modify shots rather than creating new clubs all the time for fitting for instance.
        11 In Club or Ball Selection of lists, have a way to re-organize club or ball lists.
        12 Repair the scale issue on the graphic so you can always enjoy crisp details regardless of resolution scale (4k monitor being able to use 4k graphic even they scaled it to 200% for instance).

        GCQ/GC2 suggestion
        1 Show ball flight on the device screen with an update! (i.e. showing a dot in a square photo or having another toggled screen like the impact location whether it's a side view or top view).
        2 Sell/enable putting analysis software for GC2/HMT customers.
        3 Fix inflated carry distances (10-20yds further) for longer clubs with low spin (usually less than 2000rpm) due to Height being recorded higher than real life. (update: Foresight said update is coming on 2/15/2019 but only for GCQ?)
        4 Enable Bluetooth for GC Quad.

        iPad Performance fitting app suggestion
        1 Have a front view of the ball flight option rather than just side view only in Range View screen.
        2 Show distance putted for putting application.
        3 Show averages for putting data under Table View.
        4 Have more data parameters for putting (i.e. Roll Percentage, Putting Efficiency like SAM Puttlab or Trackman putting).
        5 Enable Stimp rating option so you can see the total distance variation for putting.
        6 Have an option to show Face Angle under Table View. Currently Face Angle is only visible in Club View.
        7 Have an option to save sessions/back up sessions outside of iPad in case if you have to re-install the app.

        FSX Mobile suggestion
        1 Have an option to switch from sidespin/backspin to spin axis/total spin.
        2 Have a way to save a session locally like iPad Performance App and not being deleted every time (FSX2018 app needs this feature too).
        3 Have a different camera view option for ball flight like FSX PC.
        4 Have a Tag option for clubs.
        5 In Club or Ball Selection, have a way to re-organize club or ball lists.


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          Good list. Lot's of good stuff here. #9 in the first list - select all shots -definitely exists. I do it all the time.

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          You're right. I think that was for my original FSX recommendation... The main suggestion should be the latter one: being able to modify one shot. Currently you can't edit a shot at all which is really frustrating (i.e. forgot to change the club from an iron to a driver or to tag a different club for club fitting and that messes up my avg's)

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        how about allowing 3rd party software on GCQ and Skyhawk?


        • LEO MODE
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          If they enable Bluetooth on those units, then problem will be solved pretty much.

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        Post shot "conditions" analysis, similar to Trackman and new to Flightscope.
        What happens to the straight shot you just hit IF the wind was coming form the East at 20mph...and so on. This would be great to start calibrating distance and aim points for different conditions.

        Also the Trackman optimizer is awesome, showing your potential efficiency, if you could reduce X but increase Y.

        Its only numbers, I am sure foresight software engineers have already got these features because the algorithms are there to adjust the ball flight when the conditions are ON. They just need to implement a user interface to expose the features to the end-user and allow us to apply conditions to a previously stored shot.


        • LEO MODE
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          Indeed. Just like what Flightscope recently implemented, I do feel that optical systems should also have an option like that, since they only measure normalized condition.

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        This has happened to me 3 times in the last couple of weeks, so it's not specific to Putting from inside 10' and dying the putt into the hole, the shot is not recognized as made and placed back on the green. Weird part is the ball is placed in a different spot then where the original putt was taken. Gimmes are set at 6'.