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Congrats to @Chris Stevens (NET) and @allen2be (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SPRING TOUR - Masters Tournament !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - RBC Heritage with 2 rounds at Harbour Town ProTee :
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List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

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  • List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

    Hey guys.... I just wanted to let everyone know that reads/follows this thread... I called and spoke with a contact I have at Foresight and explained to him the general feeling of lack of care of customer feedback by Foresight. I am certainly making zero claims that all our voices will suddenly be heard and that every problem we have outlined in this thread will be immediately addressed but I can tell you that my contact is aware and following this thread and I have been told that it will continue to be monitored from this point forward by him.
    His one request is that when listing issues with FSX 2018 (or other supported Foresight software versions) that you be as specific as possible when describing your issue/bug/request for future development. The more specific you get the more likely they will be able to address it.
    Again, I am making zero claims about what will actually happen with the information that hits this thread BUT I will promise all of you I will continue to draw my contacts attention to the thread when I see new posts.
    I hope this helps the GSF community begin to create a better working relationship with Foresight and I will certainly do whatever I can to continue to facilitate it in the future!

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    Exported data in PDF form from range sessions. The font is unreadable. Same is true of the onscreen small shot data table that comes up after shot, font & font colors on white screen suck.


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      I reported the exporting issue to Foresight some months ago. Additionally all the data that the dialogue boxes ask for does not show up in the exported report.
      For example if you name a club or a setting for a club in the dialogue boxes when compiling the report that information does not appear in the exported report rendering entering info in the boxes a complete waste of time,
      I do not understand how coaching pros use this software because if a large number of sessions are exported on a daily basis it is impossible to identify them from the title as the title is Foresight Report. The title should be editable from the dialogue boxes when compiling the report to ease specific identification of a session.
      Foresights response when I pointed this out was that they will consider this "feature request"
      This software should be able to accomplish simple session identification, but I'm not holding my breath.......probably will be an added feature in the next $750 upgrade........


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        Being able to edit one shot is essential for club fitters or analyzers for coaching/learning. Those shots forgetting to tag the right club messes up the whole averages and the only way is to delete those shots, not move them back to the right clubs.


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          +1 on that!!!