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TGC/Protee - GSX Settings and Bluetooth adapter

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  • TGC/Protee - GSX Settings and Bluetooth adapter

    Settings for GSX when used with TGC:

    Set all carry, back spin, and side spin settings to default of zero.
    Putting speed = (set to what feels right for your turf).
    Putting forgiveness set to 2.
    All penalty settings must be at default of zero

    Bluetooth adapters working:
    Asus USB-BT400 Bluetooth 4.0
    4Cirago Bluetooth 4.0 BTA8000 with Extended Range(EDR)

    If you're having Bluetooth connection issues, definitely try a different brand Bluetooth adapter. If you're using the metal protective cage, try connecting without the GC2 being in the cage. Also, don't just plug the adapter in the back of the computer. Use a 6-15 foot USB extension cable to attach the Bluetooth adapter. This will put it out in the open an allow for a better signal.

    GC2 Bluetooth Adapter Code: 0000
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    I changed the title. Will also add a "How To" later.


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        As for the Bluetooth I am using an Asus USB-BT400 Bluetooth 4.0 and was about $25 cnd.
        Not sure if the laptop bluetooth would have worked as we were setting up the com ports too high and thought then it was possibly the Bluetooth. Com ports need to be lower than 10 for the GSX.
        Always make sure the Protee Interface is running and the GSX interface before moving the toggle switch to on in the GSX window.

        Also I found that if I tried to adjust the sliders in the GSX protee settings while the GSX was on, it was very slow to respond. I now turn the toggle off then go to the slider menu and adjust. Once done flip the toggle on and try a few test swings or putts.
        Mountain Time


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          I'm using a 20$ USB bluetooth adapter and it works flawlessly. I'm using SLR's slider settings and they work nicely for the most part. I'm going to do a full review once I got the hang of it but so far here are some observations. I'm not sure if these are only related to GC2 or everyone.

          -uphill shots are too penalized. I think maybe overall terrain manipulation might be off or I might just need to play more and get used to it. Downhill shots aren't too bad but I find that uphill tee shots are way too shortened.
          -putting is very sensative
          -chip and runs go on forever, to the point where I can't use a wedge to chip and run but only a lob wedge. The pitch shots though stop nicely.

          Overall the system is awesome and thanks to SLR for your settings, and thanks to everyone who helped me set it up. (Zmax, bubba and dennis) Proper review coming soon.


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            Was fun playing with you last night. The uphill shots are variable. A lot of it depends on the mount of uphill. Important to note the slope elevation but I do agree they can be penal. You can adjust the putting speed I think? As well can you adjust the spin on wedges?


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              Uphill/downhill shots don't have any penalties. Lie angle or side hill lies are not in affect. Same effect for everybody.

              Putting being sensitive is a GC2 issue. You'll have to use the GSX putting speed slider to find what works best for you. As for directional accuracy, well, that's also a GC2 issue.

              As for chipping, you can try increasing the wedge spin in GSX.


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                Ya was fun bubba.

                The wedge is on max spin. I don't mind it too much but in real life I use a wedge to chip and run. Its evident, for me anyways, that I can't do that so far. I carry on flat greens and it runs 80 feet. I can't go soft enough to do it. The pitch and check works great though.

                As for uphill, I meant hitting into an uphill fairway from a flat lie. The elevation calculation is too severe. I've tested various holes and sometimes I hit a 230-240 yard carry (on the GC2) and it only goes 190-200. That's one big hill. This is more than one hole and off the tee, so with a perfect lie. The downhill elevation isn't as bad, its pretty good so far. Keep in mind I've played only 3 courses though.


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                  With the wedge spin at max, chips should be sticking like glue or even spin back. Your pitch shots should also be spinning back of the greens.

                  When making changes to GSX sliders, you have to go back to the GSX's main screen before the changes will take effect.

                  SFR, Rambo, can you guys confirm whether the wedge spin slider is working or not?



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                    Try some more courses. The slope of the courses are dependant on the designers I think. Try different courses and note the slope. Some re severe and hard to appreciate on the screen other than the slope number.
                    So let me understand Rick, what chip shots run too much? Is that the short chips like say 15 yard? Longer pitches ok?


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                      I set them yesterday and when I booted up today, same thing. I can hit high spin shots and they will stay but I have not seen any backspin at all so far. The pitch and run I need to go super soft with a lobwedge or there's no chance. I'll play with it some more tonight. It is pretty good though, especially shot shape. I played today and made some changes (i was hooking everything yesterday), and today I was hitting push cuts everywhere trying to fix the hooks. Overall the distances are great too. This is awesome.


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                        Originally posted by "Bubba22" post=1484
                        Try some more courses. The slope of the courses are dependant on the designers I think. Try different courses and note the slope. Some re severe and hard to appreciate on the screen other than the slope number.
                        So let me understand Rick, what chip shots run too much? Is that the short chips like say 15 yard? Longer pitches ok?
                        I will play alot this week and note. The pitch and runs from any type of distance with anything above a sand wedge and that lands on the green. Again, I'll try more courses but so far I can't go real low and run. I'm guessing the lack of backspin tells the system to make it run forever. I will change my technique and move the ball up and play it with bounce, that might help. But a back of the stance, PW chip runs forever.


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                          To check to see if the slider is working, compare the wedge backspin number from the GC2 to the backspin number in the game's shot analysis's screen(Press I).


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                            It really is awesome. I am happy for you. Play with the settings. Remember its like real golf in that the amount of stopping on the greens depends on the spin, ball, and green receptiveness. Interesting to see how different courses react. Do post a rivew here and in Ottawa to help others decide.

                            The beauty is if a little more tweaking is needed, Protee are able to add or adjust the software for you guys. Could you imagine trying as an individual to get Foresight to adjust ones software!


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                              Sounds good Zmax, tomorrow I will see if I can goto a chipping green and try all sorts of things and report back. Overall though, its good stuff.