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Full Swing Kit - New Launch Monitor

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  • Full Swing Kit - New Launch Monitor

    Well, one of the big players is jumping into the consumer market for launch monitors. According to the webpage, Full Swing is releasing the “Kit” for $4k, and the reported metrics looks to include club pash and face angle at impact. The product page is light on details, but this looks to be the kind of product that could really disrupt Foresight’s hold on the midrange market.

  • This email was not what I was hoping for. The 10ft to the screen and 10ft behind pretty much knocks me out of using this in my simulator. My room is only 18ft wall to wall. I will wait a little longer to see if anything changes in setup distances and if not I guess I will get my deposit back. I was hoping for 8ft to the screen and 7-9ft to the unit. It looks like I will stay with my SkyTrak which is not a bad option. It has worked great for my sim room so far. I was just hoping for something a little better at a similar price range to what this Full Swing Kit will be.


    • The indoor distance was specifically addressed in the call last week with the CEO. You can have as little as 15' total (7 from ball to unit and 8 from ball to screen). The reason they are saying 10 from ball to unit is so the 4K camera can pick up the entire swing for video. It does not need that to actually track
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      • Joegolfguy
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        Thanks for the info. I was not able to be on the call last week. That's a little more promising.

    • Here are the 15 parameters.

      If you want to know where I am getting all of this info, go join the page Golf simulator forum (higher end) on Facebook. There are lots of posts about the Kit and the CEO, Ryan Dotters, has been very active and will answer any questions you have.
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        That image shows 12 parameters. I'm assuming Spin Axis is included somewhere?

      • Cbstephenson13
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        If I remember correctly from the call, yes. I can't remember the other two either. I didn't look t the image he posted, he just said he wouldn't post the 15. Let me ask what the other three are and I'll post his response.

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        I don't see club path, am I missing it? I see face to path and face angle...

    • The indoor distance isn't climbing or getting longer. He literally said before 16-20 feet optimal, minimum 15. So the 20 feet was always there.

      If it's 16ft minimum for accurate flight reading, but 20 ft for 4k video, the minimum distance for accurate reading and video is ... 20 feet.

      Originally posted by Cbstephenson13 View Post
      Meeting notes:
      • Big announcement coming May 25th (also thinks that will be the day where people can start paying and finalizing their orders)
      • Target ship date is late June to early July
      • Biggest problem with production is getting Bluetooth chips for the units
      • For indoor, 16-20ft total from screen to unit is optimal, minimum you could get away with is about 15ft
      • NO metallic dots or markings are required
      • Right out of the gate E6 will be the software with 2 packages, one with 15 courses and the other with all
      • There will be a free app that it will run off and will be compatible with Apple watch and AirPods
        • They have done testing with Phil where when he is hitting he just wanted to know ball speed so using those products it will allow for a call out
      • There will likely be a subscription of $99 per year for advanced range features
      • The announcement on May 25th will also include news about other software’s and partnerships, he said to think Tiger so this is my speculation (and hope): We will see all TGR Design courses available to play
      • Will initially be just IOS with PC connections coming within a year to year and a half
      • They are looking to get their own proprietary software out to use with it as well, but forthcoming
      • All 15 parameters will be posted on the page by Ryan soon