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How much has a launch monitor helped your golf game?

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  • How much has a launch monitor helped your golf game?

    I'm ready to get a launch monitor, namely a GC2, for indoor garage use. Just wondering what impact a launch monitor has had on people's real life golf games? Has your game improved much since buying a launch monitor? If so, what areas have seen improvement? Interested to hear people's experiences...

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    Interesting read so for. Thanks for the comments. My long game is my biggest weak point so hoping a LM will remedy that. I think the fact I can work on my game in the garage when it's dark and pouring down outside, coupled with not having to drive to the range, and spend £££s pounding range balls, is the real draw to getting one of these. I'm still on the hunt for a gc2...


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      I usually hit mid 90s. Classic bad golfer. With the launch monitor it has allowed me to attain lower scores IRL to low 80s but still have days where my hack returns and another 95 pops up.

      Biggest thing now is I go home and can correct my swing pretty quickly. Problem is bad habit muscle memory likes to return when the pressure is on so it always comes back IRL.

      No regrets with my purchase. Only thing is I used to work out in the gym and now I just do sim golf so getting chubby around my belly!


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        OMG that's too funny... sim golf has totally eaten up what little time I used to have to go to the gym!!! Fat boy stretch pants, here i come

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      Had gc2 for about a month or so and took it to the range to measure driver spin and launch angle. Big improvement when I altered my swing to get higher launch and less spin. Nice to see the results on gc2 when adjusting the swing to see what worked and what didn't. Also translated to better scores on the course with longer and more accurate drives. Have not used it yet for irons
      cant wait to finish sim build in the garage so I can continue to tune game and to be able to hit balls when the cold weather hits


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        I think the SkyTrak has really helped my game! I now know the average carry distance of all my irons, which leads me to hitting more greens. My short game has improved immensely, which has given me more short putts in real golf. I think the best thing about it is the fact that it makes practice at home much more fun. Before having SkyTrak, I would hit balls into a net, but not being able to see what those shots were actually doing lead to some bad habits, and most of all, boredom. Now I can see what my ball flight is actually doing, and correct mistakes early. Plus, it just plain keeps me loose. I'll hit the garage a couple times a week to either hit the SkyTrak range, or play a little on TGC. Come Sunday morning, (when I play real golf), I just need to hit a few balls on the range to warm up, and I'm ready to go!


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          I got the GC2 all set up last November. Since that time I've played around 175 sim rounds and had countless range sessions, almost all of which occurred prior to the summer of 2017 as I don't have much appetite for sim golf when I can play for real. In November of last year I was around an 11.5 handicap IRL. I am currently an 8.4 IRL and trending down. I feel like I should be better IRL based on my ball striking, which I think the GC2 has helped significantly. The problem is I never practice my short game and 3 jack it on the regular. When I first started using the GC2 a good drive would carry 230-240. Now a good drive carries 260-270. I keep thinking I'm getting close to figuring things out in a way that will allow me to get below a 5 handicap IRL. We'll see.


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            Before skytrak my low hdcp was just over 2. After skytrak and skypro my low hdcp was 0.4. I would give most of the credit to the skypro but was doing the work inside with the skytrak range.
            The skypro really helped me shorten the swing and learn to keep the club laid off at the top instead of crossing the line. My misses aren't as big as they once were.


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              I might be the weird one here... I have a long story that I will try to make shorter.. I quit playing golf in 2007 due to financial changes in my life at that time but have always wanted to get back out there and play. This year back in June I decided to get back to at least swinging a golf club and selected to use the PGA Membership for their indoor golf range with the GC2 which eventually lead me to this site and others. I have went there at least once a week. Knowing that I was a good player (4 handicap) before I quit playing.. I knew I would not have the same results if I just went straight to the course to play and expect the same results. I chose to practice indoors with this new technology to help me "fix" any swing issues. With the launch angles and camera views I was quickly able to identify that I was not impacting the ball with forward shaft lean and causing a chicken wing at impact. Without the help of this technology I would like to think I would have never got back to enjoying the game at my previous levels. I have yet to play a full 18 hole round but I have played 4 nine hole rounds with scores of 41, 41, 39 and 39. Which I am confident those scores are 100% from the launch monitor letting me know where my swing issues are at. I can also state that the worst part of my game during those rounds were due to bad chip shots resulting in not getting up and down to save par or bogey as I had a few chunky chips!!

              My summary is that GC2, SkyTrak, R-motion... anything that gets you swinging the club and you making the corrections to "fix" your issues will result in favorable results with your swing on the "InRealLife" golf!

              I have the Fiberbuilt practice station..coming in tomorrow and ordering the R-Motion as soon as I see a slight discount and have a new motivation about starting to play golf again after such a long lay off!! Thank you Technology or to stay on subject Launch Monitors!!!!!!


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                I'm glad this thread was revived!

                Having a sim in which to practice has greatly improved my game consistency. My schedule is so erratic IRL that I could previously never practice or play regularly. Since my muscle memory has Alzheimer's, I'd often shoot much higher scores than you'd expect from my handicap. Now that I can swing a club regularly regardless of the three Ws (work, weather, wife), my real life scores are much more consistent.


                • triplebogeysrbetter
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                  Agreed. I can go out to the sim and just spend 45 minutes on the range. Before that was 1 1/2 hour on the driving range with range balls.

                  I feel like my scrambling is much better as well.
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                In my case, I would say playing TGC with SkyTrak has improved my consistency more than lowering my handicap. I have very few "blow up holes" now in comparison to before using my simulator. The biggest change to my game is consistency from 75 yards and less in. I also play more intentional draws and fades now.


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                  I have had ST for a couple of years now. When I first got it I was trying to hit balls in a garage that did not have adequate space to be swinging. Especially with the driver. Killed my game! Now that I have a dedicated room with ample space I have seen my game or at least parts of my game improve a lot. It was 45 degrees two days ago so I went and played nine to test out what my ST was saying. I have to say it was spot on. I have developed a nice draw which I have been working on and my distance were close to what ST was saying. Can’t wait for spring. I feel this year will be the year I break into the 70’s. In saying that. You have to have a good space to hit. You can’t be hitting a ball worrying about your follow through hitting a wall or ceiling. Or worrying about where the ball might go or what it might hit on mis-hits. That is why I always crack up on the Skytrak commercial of the guy hitting in the room that has nothing but glass around it. That would never happen! Best of luck on the build!


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                    I’ve been doing some research, looking at how others use their GC2, and came across the post. I’m interested to know if you did purchase one and how it’s helped you improve?

                    I recently purchased a GC2 and have been blown away with how accurate they are. I was able to play a course in Arizona recently and I played one of best games of my life. I’m usually a 10 handicap but dropped that down three points. My buddy even said that he noticed that my swings looked more precise.

                    The accuracy and measurements of the GC2 are fantastic and helpful for correcting my swings. I added the HMT and FSX software to mine and am glad that I did. The HMT gives back so much feedback that helps with correcting my swing.

                    I ended up getting a full golf simulator package so that I could really get the most realistic training experience possible. It’s nice to be able to practice in all kind of weather. The GC2 is also great for the fact that you can take it to the range with you so you can really maximize every aspect of your practice.

                    Like anything it really comes down to committing to practicing to make it worth while. I also booked myself with lessons from a PGA pro and have been able to take what I learn from him and use it at home. I think that a launch monitor absolutely helps with improvement. I’d be interested to have an update and see how it’s worked out for you.


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                      Had my st for a year now and I actually formed some bad habits hitting off my CCE. I since upgraded to a fb in an effort to get more realistic feel so far so good I believe now st will help me become a better ball striker.


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                        In my case I've had my ST for a year now. I hit off a CCE, which honestly has promoted me trying to pick it clean (Obviously hitting down on a ball has been challenging) My biggest challenges being a 22 hcp player has been consistency and working on hitting out of the middle. I have a tenancy to lurch towards the ball in my downswing... ST has helped me understand the difference between the feel of a good shot and bad, also hitting the middle of the club more consistently. I also used to hosle-rocket quite a bit, but after working through swing types and tempo, I almost never duff or hosle-rocket a ball on the course anymore.

                        Because I focus primarily on my irons and sometimes some fw's I don't hit driver as much, and I've suffered there. Also my putting is horrible. But I'm very confident now on the course from 200 and in with my irons. I know my clubs distance, what they feel like when hit well and what will happen if not hit well. My misses are much smaller now and like I said before, I almost never duff or chunk a ball any more.

                        The CCE is very unforgiving so it promotes more of a clean, brushing type of swing. FB will give you more realistic feel from what everyone else says. I'm asking for one for my Bday so... Hopfully I get it!


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                          I have a Skytrak, before that I had an optishot. Having Skytrak really helped with understanding my misses with particular clubs. I have a tendency to pull my short irons when trying to hit too hard. Also the repetition on iron shots has really helped with ball striking. I am much more confident now over the ball and always feel I can hit a good shot. It doesn't always work out that way but that's golf.

                          Working with TGC has helped with course management and really looking at where I should miss a shot to avoid a big number. Of course, the launch monitor really helps to understand how far you hit each club to make playing on the course much easier.

                          It's helped me most with consistency and allowing me to practice. I don't get to play out on the course that much so the extra swings every week has made a big difference.


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                            Having the Skytrak helped me move from a 26 handicap to an 18 handicap but there are some caveats.

                            Just having and practicing with a launch monitor will not change anything if you are just hitting balls with no direction.

                            I spent a lot of time on teaching web sites looking at different ideas to improve my swing. The nice thing about having the Skytrak is it makes it easy to try new ideas out. I am 55 and over the last 5 years I lost a club in length. After doing a lot of research I found that for me this was a club head speed problem. So I worked on increasing my club head speed. I am now hitting the ball as long as I was 5 years ago.

                            The easiest way to use a launch monitor to help your game is to get your chipping and pitching distances. I have a card I keep with me when I play that has the chipping and pitching distances for my clubs LW - 7I with distances basted on clock position. So I know how far every shot is going to carry based on by back swing. This got me so much closer to the pin consistently and I saved a ton of putting strokes. (you also need to know roll outs. On the course I play I know that generally the ball is going to roll as far as I chip it with my 58 degree and twice as far with by sand wedge, 3 times as far with by gap wedge etc.) So now I know how far I need to carry the shot and how far it is going to roll after it lands. That is huge.

                            Another problem I had was hitting the ball through the green. I was using low end golf balls because I figured I was a high handicapper so why would I want to spend $45 on a dozen golf balls. I tested different balls on the Sytrak and was shocked at the difference in spin. High end balls can spin 3 times as fast as cheaper ones. I started playing pro v1s and stopped hitting through the greens. BTW I found the Kirkland balls had about the same spin numbers and they work fine too for 1/4 the cost. I am going to try some others before the season starts as is still think the Titlist are too expensive.) One more thing about golf balls. I read a story that it was not necessary to change golf balls unless they are actually damaged, i.e. that they do not lose distance over time. I have been using one ball (a Kirkland) on the Skytrak for several months. The print is almost gone but it is still picking up the shots. I decided to see if there was a difference between this ball and a new one. I did not see any difference ( a couple of shots were a few yards shorter but I do not see any difference statistically.)

                            If you are taking lessons I definitely think a launch monitor can help you. If not, use the internet. So far my favorite site is Mr. Short Game. Constantly giving good advise which i keep trying out on the Skytrak.