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Another Garage build - Sportscreen/Carl's preferred screen

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  • Another Garage build - Sportscreen/Carl's preferred screen

    Thanks everyone who shared their builds/ideas. This definitely helped get my garage build to where it is today. So hopefully what I shared here will also help someone.

    1. 16ft Sportscreen manual – I actually ordered the power conversion kit but Sportscreen shipped me the manual one by mistake. I installed my set up already and didn’t want to have to redo my install so I decided to cancel the power conversion kit order. I got these components at Homedepot to attach to my drill and worked quite well to power the screen up ad down.
    2. Carl’s custom preferred screen 187x132 inch with 15 inch vinyl flap on the top and side vinyl finish. - I probably won’t get with the side vinyl next time. The side vinyl makes the side thicker and caused wrinkle to the impact screen when it is rolled up. I fasten the screen using Velcro and bungy code ball. This was sturdy enough to keep the screen in place. The picture quality is decent enough even with the wrinkle and I don’t think this will bother me much during simulator play. However, this bothered me when I use the screen to watch TV. So I’m thinking to add another projector screen to the roller and flip it to the front when I watch TV. I’m still thinking of ways to leave gap when this TV projector screen in rolled down in the back while I hit balls to the front impact screen. I’m not sure how long the TV projector screen will last if I just leave it to the back with no gap. Has anyone done this?
    3. Golf mat Wittek Quattro mat - I have not tried other golf mats beside those in real driving range, but I’m happy with the purchase. It is sturdy enough and not to heavy for me to move it around. I also just use Velcro to strap it to the floor and limit its movement when I hit. This also seems to work well enough once you get the angle right.
    4. Projector BenQ TH671ST
    5. Launch monitor Mevo+. – I should be getting this in 2-3 weeks. Hope this will work with my set up. I’m hitting to the garage door and it seems some may have issues with interference. I added insulator foam to shield the garage door to keep temp in check and hope that will also help.
    6. Floor, side and ceiling protection. I don’t have ceiling or side protection installed yet. There were 2 balls (out of >1000s) so far where I hit to the screen 2 feet off the ground and somehow it bounced off upward to the ceiling. Other than that all the balls tend to just fall down on the yoga mats I have under neat the screen. With the set up I have it’s impossible to keep it super clean. I use new balls and clean my clubs every time I hit, but it still leave ball marks on the screen.

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    Very nice! I'm going with a similar set-up. I placed my Mevo+ order in July, so I won't receive it until November most likely, but I will be ordering the SportScreen and the rest of the items soon. This week and electrician will add a second outlet and I will install a direct drive garage opener as well.

    I have a couple of questions:

    -If the stealth screen is 16'x10' why did you order the Carl's screen at 187x132cm? Also, is the Velcro attached at specific locations on the SportScreen?
    - I can save several hundred bucks by going manual and don't mind using an adapter for my drill like you, could you share what the kit/components you bought at Home Depot to do this?



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      What is the adapter you guys are talking about?


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        Is there a reason you are hitting towards the door rather than the back wall?


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          Originally posted by Dmoe View Post
          What is the adapter you guys are talking about?
          Instead of using the manual hand crank to roll the screen up/down, he's assembled a kit to use a drill as the powered motor to roll it up.