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GSA Vistrak Beta Testing

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  • GSA Vistrak Beta Testing

    We are getting close to releasing the Beta version of Vistrak. The final configuration and pricing is still subject to change. We are testing a few more lighting configurations and then we will be making a decision on the final single camera specs. Soon after the single camera Vistrak release, a floor mounted Vistrak launch monitor will be released for beta testing. I expect that the pricing for this unit will be close to the single camera overhead unit. And finally the CX surround Vistrak will be released. More information will be available next week.

    If you are interested in GSA's Beta testing program please send me a private message with the following information.

    Name, Forum user name, email address, your current simulator if any, what software you are currently using , computer specs, and whether you are interested in the ceiling model or the floor model.

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    Yes, I'm with wbond . I would love to see and hear more from those who are beta testing.


    • JackedUpSwing
      JackedUpSwing commented
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      I have the LX mounted on the ceiling(HLA, Ballspeed, Clubhead speed, club path, face angle) and LX HiRes on the ground(VLA, ball spin).

      So far the LX HiRes doesnt work at all. I don't think Martin has it working yet.

      The LX on the ceiling works when I don't drop frames. I have been having problems with USB3.0 bandwidth and I get a lot of dropped frames. When I dont have dropped frames the unit is pretty accurate, when I do have dropped frames its horribly inaccurate.

      Martin I guess is working on a solution to make it more accurate when there are dropped frames and I am going to try different things to get less dropped frames(installing a PCIE USB3.0 for more dedicated USB bandwidth)

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    Sounds like these things shouldn't have been sold yet to me.
    I appreciate the guys vision but what's the point of having a LM that doesn't work.
    a few more months of perfecting ONE unit and then its addons would have been a more feasible way of going about it.

    hope it gets worked out


    • andygg1986
      andygg1986 commented
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      My guess is uneekor sort of forced their hand on the timing. They were making a big splash as an overhead unit with ball and club data at a previously unseen price point. GSA Vistrak was initially promising a similar feature set, so if they waited too long they would have missed out on a bunch of customers. Unfortunately it sounds like they may have jumped the gun and rushed the release too much. Hopefully the hardware is good enough and it is just a matter of fine tuning algorithms though so the beta testers end up with a unit that works well.

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    Anyone have any updates on this? The silence can't be promising.


    • keither5150
      keither5150 commented
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      Waiting on Martin to fix a lot of the issues. Currently too many left hand issues for me to make any gameplay videos. Data is collected quite nicely. There is issues with extreme toe and heel hits. We have a plan to correct these misreads. Things will go more quickly once Mike takes over production and shipping. Currently my left hand issues include, improper labeling of path and face angle. The number is correct but the display is backwards.....shows open face when it is closed for a lefty. SA is also not being calculated properly for a lefty.

      Ball speed, HA, LA, seem to be working quite well. Club path needs to be measured closer to the ball or an adjustment based on club closure rate needs to be applied.

      Putting mode still needs to be turfed ( putting works fine if disabled) or fixed. Putting mode was designed so that a player could putt from a different location than the tee. Ball spin detection works pretty well on the LX. SA is currently not being detected, however the images are good enough that SA should able to be picked up. The Vcam B and the surround B will not have this issue as they use a dual flash with dual cameras. The issue with SA detection is that the LX currently uses first and last frame to calculate spin. We have suggested that multiple frames be used to reduce the chance of a misread.

      We have identified plenty of issues for Martin to fix. None of these issues will require hardware changes. Lighting changes may be coming as Mike is really close to testing his custom built IR solution for the Vistrak Eagle. Version 2 of his IR light will be available for testing once it passes a few tests. The LED spotlight will continue to be an option.

      There are no data display errors for right handed players..... Any C++ coders looking for work?

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    Still lots of Beta testing to do I will start testing next week