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[One Liner Survey] What I "hate" my simulator about

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  • [One Liner Survey] What I "hate" my simulator about

    First, it is reasonable to assume that we all love the simulators we have to some degree. This is why we buy the brand in the first place. However, after using it for some time, there must be something that we dislike about our simulator or wish it works better in some areas. This survey is to ask simulator owners to list one thing that you do not like about your simulator. Let's keep it short and list one thing only.

    I have SkyTrak and have used it for 3 years.

    SkyTrak: Cannot consistently pick up shots when used outdoors.

  • #2
    I have skytrack for a year
    dislike having any unit on the floor and the missed lofted shots

    i have uneekor a few days
    and dislike the golf ball options


    • #3
      SkyTrak for 2 years.

      Wishing I held out for something with club data.


      • #4
        Skytrak for 2+ years... hated the no-reads for short chips from the fringe.

        Uneekor for a month or so... Definitely the marked balls (Even the "upgraded" Bridgestone Rocks)
        What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


        • #5
          Call for responses from owners of other simulator brands - GC2, GC Quad, Flightscope, Trackman, Fullswing, etc. No simulator is perfect at the end right?


          • #6
            there’s no perfect thats correct

            the entire sim world is a compromise
            room size
            matt selection
            and sim unit


            • #7
              GCQUAD user.... not much to dislike.

              My biggest frustration is hitting mats. I’ve tried:
              1) CCE .... injury waiting to happen
              2) Divot Action.... not bad
              3) Fiberbuilt.... not bad

              At the end of the day they all are inferior to the real outside lie , and golf club interaction . So much so you’ve got to be careful how much you practice inside....


              • #8
                My only complaint with the gc units and I’ve hit on it at least 50 times
                it sits on the floor and for me causes a pull that I can’t get away from without changing my swing


                • #9
                  I have had a Protee for 5 years now. Only dislike , besides the enviromental issues with a garage setup , is the complexity of setting up the cameras and fine tuning everything. Once that is done right you are good to go. I have really seen a huge improvement with Protee and TGC 2019 in the misread department. I rarely have any misreads now, even with white headed drivers. Things I love are... The Putting, is as good as it gets on a sim from what I hear about other systems. I also like the instantaneous results to the screen with no delay, with TGC 2019 and a high end processor/video card there is literally zero delay now with the latest software.


                  • PROTEE UK
                    PROTEE UK commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Hey Craig, great to hear after 5 years you still enjoy your PT system.
                    Just thought I would say that there should never really be the need for lots of fine tuning when set up is good but the new interface versions and newer camera type have the system at its most accurate yet and new add ins to eradicate completely any chipping miss reads etc.
                    If you want to know how to bring this up to the latest version email me at and I will help you with this to have the system working even better for you

                • #10
                  I hate it when it does this to me


                  • #11
                    I hate that uneekor charges sales tax in Michigan with no real store front!!!!!


                    • #12
                      SkyTrak for 2 years: hated the 'no-reads'

                      GC2/HMT for 2 months: hate that I can't afford a great indoor sim room with regulated temperatures, projector, and impact screen...real first world problems!


                      • #13
                        GC2/HMT owner for 2 months. I wish the ball detection window was larger.


                        • #14
                          Here is a good one.

                          I've had my SkyTrak for years: "I wish I have a GC2."



                          • #15
                            Hate that I made my screen 16:10 last year and now I’m buying a 16:9 projector. Errrrr.