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Congrats to @Golf18 (NET) and @Bardford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - PGA Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Wyndham Championship with 2 rounds at Oakland Hills CC (South Course) - Green ProTee :
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What type of clubs do you use

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    Driver: Titleist 913D2
    3W: Cleaveland Launcher 15dg
    Hybrid: Ping rapture 18dg
    Mizuno T-Zoid Pro 2 iron
    Irons: Wilsone Staff CI9 4-PW
    Ping Tour-W: 52, 56, 60
    Putter: Ping Anser-X

    I flexes between the hybrid and the 2-iron depending on the wind and my current form.


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      2 iron? Ouch. Hurts just thinking about it. My longest iron is a 5.


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        SLDR TP driver Aldila TOUR S set to 1degree plus
        SLDR TP 3-wood Aldila TOUR S
        Taylor Made RAC LT 3-PW S300
        Volkey SM3 54/58 S300
        Riffe Aussie Anser putter
        TM Tour Preferred ball


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          Driver - Ping I15 (may switch this season)
          3 wood - Callaway X hot
          3 Hybrid - Callaway X Hot
          4-GW - Callaway Apex Project X 6.0
          54,58 - Cleveland but, just ordered Callaway Mac Daddy 2 same loft
          Putter- Odyssey black series


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            Wishon 710 THI 11* Driver ( backup Ping Rapture 12* in the works)
            Wishon 929HS 4W (16.5*)
            Ping I20 20* Hybrid
            Ping Rapture 18* Driving Iron (2i)
            Ping S56 4-GW
            Ping Tour S 50 / 54 Wedges
            YES Bella-12 Putter
            All from the wrong side ( LH)


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              719THI ...typo


              • #22
                Debating back and forth between I20 20* and 23* hybrids or the 2i.


                • #23
                  I would go with the hybrid, but given the forum it might be a great test for you to demo them both on a launch monitor / sim and post the results of what you choose and why.


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                    Nike covert driver set at 9.5
                    Nike covert 3 wood
                    Tour Edge Exotics 3 and 5 hybrids
                    Nike Covert 5-pw
                    Vokey 50, 56, 60 wedges
                    Oddessy or Nike putter depending on my mood


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                      Epon 153 Driver
                      Adams Tight Lies Ti 3W
                      Adams Tight Lies Hybrid 3
                      Epon 503 i4-AW
                      Forteen 56 60 wedges
                      Scotty California Monterey


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                        For what it's worth I spend a lot of time every year at demo days. Every year I look at the newest fads and think about switching but then I swing my Mizuno forged irons and I remember how it feels to hit a sweet shot. For me, I am hooked on forged clubs because I can feel exactly what I am doing, good or bad. I carry 4 wedges (2 titlests) and practice my short game a lot! For me, the GI clubs seem like dead sticks. I do have some hybrids and a Cobra driver. I did cut all my clubs down 1/2 inch + in order to gain more consistency. I have found that I am much more accurate even though I might lose 3-6 yards. My game has improved and I seldom get into trouble. When guys hit it past me I just smile as I card a par while they take a bogey for a errant shot!


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                          Got some new clubs in the bag for 2015:

                          Driver: Cobra Bio Cell
                          3W: Cobra Bio Cell
                          Hybrids: 1H & 3H Nickent 3DX
                          Irons: 3-PW Wilson Staff FG Tour V2
                          Wedges: 52 & 56 Callaway X-Series Jaws
                          Putter: Yes! Tracy II

                          I absolutely love the feel of these irons! The Bio Cells have been great to me so far, too. At first I hated the driver, but I gave it a chance and now love it. After switching the loft and getting used to it I hit it almost as long as my old driver, but far, far more accurately. When I'm not in the fairway now I'm not far from it.

                          EDIT: Forgot the pic.
                          Click image for larger version

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                            Now that I have a skytrak, I'm trying to decide between the following drivers and irons.

                            R11S 9 Degree set lower and open with a Tourspx vts black 44.5"
                            SLDR 9.5 set lower with a Tourspx vts black 45.5", if this wins out, it will be cut down to 44.5"

                            Callaway Apex 5-PW with Recoil 95 F3
                            Wishon 560MC 5-AW with Steelfiber I80 R

                            Ping Anser 4 Wood

                            Cleveland Mashie M1 and M3. Looking to replace these this year.

                            Mizuno MP T4 50, 54, 58 with Recoil 110, 125, 125 F4

                            Custom Edel


                            • #29
                              Driver: TM M1 Diamana Ahina 70X
                              3W: Ping Anser Diamana Ahina 80X
                              5W: Ping Anser Tour AD MT 7S
                              3H: Ping G25 Tour AD UT 85S
                              5i-P: Ping S55 DG S300
                              50|54|60: Mizuno MPR4 (JDM)
                              Putter: Ping Ketsch Heavy

                              In the Bullpen:

                              Ping G25 2H Adilla Rogue 125 S
                              Ping i25 3W+ (13*) - for really long courses


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                                I'll play along....

                                Driver Titleist 913D2
                                Irons 4-A Titleist AP2 714
                                Hybrid 21deg Titleist 913H
                                3 Wood Titleist 913F
                                56 and 60 Titleist Vokey SM4 satin finish
                                Putter Scotty Cameron Newport 2.0
                                Titleist Staff Stand bag (love this bag)