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Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

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    First, let me say that I have now played a few matches online with other guys and it is great! I think it opens up a whole new level of simulator experience and I predict it will do more to grow our community than anything else. I have a few points or questions that I would like input on:

    1) It seems that the last few days we have had server issues. I call it server issues because the system starts lagging or completely freezes you out. I have confirmed that I and my partner had good internet connections at the time, so, I assign it to server issues..

    2) Regarding the above, I am assuming that our version of TGC is using basically the same code as the console version as far as online play and synching, etc. I would assume that the TGC code should be fairly stable if they have hundreds of guys playing matches on the console,etc. Do they have this issue? Has our version been updated with the latest online playing code? I guess these are questions for ProTee and hopefully he will see this and respond.

    3) Please remember, if you are going to play a match, make sure you have added all players as friends in TGC

    4)Also, please remember that every player must add every other player to the round.

    5) and remember to enable turn order after you have added all the other players. This option will not show up in your menu until you have added at least one player.

    6) If you do have lagging issues or freeze up, the best thing to do is to go to menu, disable "turn order" and resume game. Your screen should now go to your shot....but, the important thing is to now go back to menu and re-enable "turn order" before you hit your shot. After you hit, the system will hopefully synch everyone up.

    I really hope Protess can get this lagging or freezing issue resolved because online play is really, really fun. It's almost like crack to me ..... I played so much over the holidays that I have to take a few days off, etc. If you haven't tried it, do's worth the setup and learning curve.

    Almost forgot, I have started reading up on multi-player online play on the HB studio page....I believe we probably or using alot of the same code as the console guys. Her is the link:
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    Not to worry Gene, we've been playing online for a few years now. Your right it is a whole new experience. Things will be resolved.


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      I just did a Internet speed test using I would be interested how my number compare with others. I have ran it 4 times since last night and this morning. The range is from 24mb to 45mb download speed and 16-22mb upoad speed. I would say the average of the two is around 30 download and 18 upload.


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        When I get home, I will test mine and let you know.

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        Speed only measure one factor of your internet connection. How big is your pipe. A good analogy is fluid transfer, you could have a 1 inch diameter pipe and a 5 inch diameter pipe that both output the same amount of fluid on the other end. The 1 inch pipe would require the fluid to move much quicker to get to the other end.

        Try testing with

        The ping is how long does it take one packet to reach the other end.

        The jitter is how consistent is the ping.

        The combination of Jitter and ping will reach havoc on VOIP systems. My guess is that online play is similar, we want realtime play the size of the pipe is likely less important than the ping/jitter.

        The other part to add to the difficulty, ISP are known to have turbo modes the first 30-60 seconds of a download. Why? So the speed tests look better (usually Cable ISP's are more guilty of this).

        To give my numbers I just test on my work connection.
        Ping 23ms
        Jitter 1ms

        Ping 6ms
        Download 37Mbs
        Upload 25 Mbs

        The difference in Ping is likely due to testing against another server.

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      Great job Gene thanks for the thread and I had fun getting to know you this weekend over a couple rounds of golf. Protee has asked a few of us on some computer data that happens when this occurs and we have been working with them on the issues I Know they are putting effort into the patch of this and looking forward to smooth play in the bigger groups, We have found over the weekend that 2- twosomes have less issues and game play is a lot shorter but i do prefer the foursome if we can get this running smoothly. Now all we got to do is get Bubba over to hang out for a couple rounds


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        Good stuff Gene!

        Some videos to add to the process:
        Ghost and Live Balls

        Turn Based Multiplayer


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          My server location is down in San Fran
          ping is 24
          jitter is 1
          download is 280
          upload is 41