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H-Cam locks up

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  • H-Cam locks up

    Anyone have this issue. My H-cam freezes up and stops working. I have to restart interface to get it working again.

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    I had this issue and ProTee actually logged into my system and monitored a few shots. They did discover an issue in how data was being analyzed and if it was not happening quick enough the system would read as a no read and lockup. They uploaded a newer version of the interface and solved the issue.

    Not sure it is your problem, but I would contact ProTee or download the latest version of the Protee interface....


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      Had / have a similar issue with an HCam that doesn't always start at boot-up. At the moment seems that changing USB ports has helped.


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        Ended up with a quick response from Protee. I uploaded 3.15 and also they had me move the USB for the H-Cam to the front of my computer so that the V-cam and H-Cam were not working off the same place. Hasn’t locked up since.


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          Problem is back. H Cam freezing up. I think I have the latest interface. I guess I will have to start a support ticket.