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Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - RBC Heritage with 2 rounds at Harbour Town ProTee :
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Stuck on what to do.

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  • Stuck on what to do.

    Other than rewiring the lights on my Protee, I'm stuck. On long clubs and if the swing is a certain way the camera picks up the light reflecting off of my golf club and shows almost a 90 degree turn. I have messed with the cameras as far as grey scale and that. I am just at a loss, the cameras are 9 feet in the air and I am not going up on a ladder to shut the putting light off every time. I have the lights on a track lighting system. I even put black sewer pipe over the putting light to have less dispersement and still the same the problem it isn't every single shot so the rewinds happen more frequent knowing I don't go 2 fairways left. Any thing you guys can think of? Click image for larger version

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    Lefty, I would really appreciate some follow up on this once your issue is really resolved to your satisfaction. There are a lot of guys who have a similar problem and although you hear most of the time it is camera settings, I cannot find a time when this was actually the case. ( I reviewed every thread on the subject). Most of the solutions have come from eliminating the 2nd light or taping clubs.

    Now, you've thrown in a 3rd scenario - New Cameras

    This brings up more questions than answers....How to did ProTee determine you needed new cameras? What is the model or serial number so that we can check ours? Was it also newer firmware? I could go on and on....

    Lastly, when you do get your system dialed in, can you tell us what actually did it...the new cameras, the new settings, combination of the two? What are the new settings? Are you using PT! or PT5?...etc.

    Thanks buddy......


    • aja
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      Sorry for jumping in, but - have you ever had Protee do a remote support session?
      They know their product and are very good at ironing out set-up issues.
      They have helped me several times, because sometimes software changes result in changes in performance, but they have always been able to help with set-up issues.
      ProTee installations vary since in a sense they are "do-it-yourself" and everybody's sim spaces are different, so what has worked for one user is not necessarily going to be useful to another.

    • gene438
      gene438 commented
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      Aja, i don't disagree, I have never complained about ProTee support...honestly, my complaint is that most posters will state their problem and then either fade away or come back and say the problem is fixed....but never tell us exactly what was done......

      If you re-read my post, I am simply asking Lefty to please do a follow up post once ProTee has fixed his issue.....

      BTW, I am intrigued with the "new cameras" statement as I have never heard of ProTee saying there were "new" cameras out there that might perform better....would love to know more about that.....