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Soon to bea NEW SIM USER! Please comment on ANY or ALL topics!

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  • Soon to bea NEW SIM USER! Please comment on ANY or ALL topics!

    Hello ALL-

    I'm in the process of building a new simulator and I've started a couple of forums with some short questions I had regarding the the 2 simulators I was debating on buying(thank you to those that replied). When I first started all this I had NO idea about how much attention to detail there was to all this. Thought Id pick a sim and go...Not so much. After stocking these forums for the last few days, I went from having a couple sim questions to about 1.5 million. That's when i decided to write this instead of asking a thousand questions one by one, I thought id list some of the more important ones on this one post, and if someone views it that could help, they could just comment on those topics they're knowledgeable in.

    I'm absolutely horrified to write this post due to the fact of someone maybe changing my mind. When joining this site the other day I was debating between the GC2/TGC or the ParTee/TGC, and I've settled on the ProTee/TGC. The reason I am bringing this up is because I'm going to list some of the things I'm planning on doing with it.

    I have become quite the range rat these last few years. So one of the things I was looking for in a sim, was data to work on my own game. I was a golf professional is Southern Florida for 10 years.However I'v been out of the golf industry for about six years now, but some club fittings for friends, or perhaps a few lessons may arise. Thanks to some of you, I now understand how the machines gather there data. From research iv done, I found the GC2 to maybe be slightly more accurate with ball data, but adding the HMT for another 7 grand for the club data is rough!!. Which reminds me..I know things like Trackman and some of the other big ones are out there, but believe me when I say not working with that kind of budget. Another factor is that if I do decide to get into giving lessons again, I would have to deal with the left and right handed issues with the GC2 machine. Not to mention some of my friends that would be playing with me on the sim that are left handed. If it was just me working on my game id probably go with the GC2, but "I' believe, with the ProTee having the sensors AND cameras for ball and club data, that's the best route for me.

    Note: If ANYONE reading this believes that what I have stated about either machine before, or going forward may be inaccurate, PLEASE dont hesitate to let me know. No feelings will be hurt here. I value all the info I get from you guys, and you're the experts. Kind of why im doing it this way. These things aren't cheap and I would rather figure this stuff out now, rather than blowing my money on stuff that wont get the job done.

    PC Hardware-. First off, I'm an average technology inclined person at best, I know you can use laptop, desktop and tablets, I just dont know the pro/cons to each one. What are the main factors I want to look for that gets me best performance, i.e.. hard drive space, graphic card, memory space..etc I am looking to have more than the minimum, but not crazy. I would like to keep it around $800-$1000?s I know that's not enough to get me the baddest machine around, but hoping that get me above average stuff. It would be great if someone could recommend 1 particular pc they know works well in that price range, and I can go buy it off the shelf, or a computer to buy off the self and get an upgraded graphics card.If you have any ideas, please let me know prices if possible, names,model #'s, certain graphic cards to look at upgrading to, or any other info I might be missing.

    Projectors- any advice on midddle-high end projectors? I know HD, but again was hoping to get more specifics like brand or modal numbers. I have learned through these forums that the way it projects imagies is very important(forget what they call it). I am 6'6 and plan to be about 8-9 feet from impact screen, and I understand that shadows may be a factor. I have played in local business that have sims and dont remember shadows being an issue, but I may have just not noticed it. Again, any issues you all may have had, or heard about would be great help.

    Internet- I guess the big question with this is just really speed(maybe router)? The shed is going to be roughly 40 yrds from the house.I have frontier internet(only decent option in our small town) and I think im supposed to be getting 15 or 20mbps. When I rent movies on dish network on the wireless hopper, they usually download at about 13-15 megs, and thats a floor up from the router. I know being hardwired would be best, but I don't think that's going to be an option unless I get the shed its own dedicated internet(extra $45 month). What would minimum speeds be for wifi online play and what are the nominal speeds needed to play good(lag free) live golf on TGC?

    Bluetooth- I have seen a lot around forums about bluetooth, but don't know the specifics about what they're talking about. Would that be the data from the launch monitors to the TGC? Just thought id ask in case someone had more knowledge they could throw my way.

    New products/software- I caught some wind of some possible new launch monitors or sims coming out, but I cant find the page that i saw it on. If anybody could supply some info on any new stuff coming out that would maybe be worth waiting for, that would be awesome as well. Id hate to be regretting this decision in a month!

    Please feel free to add anything that I may have overlooked, or may have importance in making a decision on a particular topic.

    Thank you ALL in advance for your input/advice.
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    Start with this for ProTee:

    Stick to the suggested dimensions, don't plan on hitting from closer to the screen.

    Get the Putting sensor.

    Bluetooth has nothing to do with ProTee sims.

    Computer - don't scrimp if there's the slightest possibility that you may add other functions to your golf sim. Extra processing power, extra USB ports and other things come in handy if you are going to start adding video analysis and things like that. Get the best Graphics card that you can afford since TGC is graphics intensive.

    Absolutely go with a short throw projector. It will likely be mounted directly above you - there will be no shadows.

    I'd stick with a 4:3 impact screen unless you have lots of space. Widescreen is overkill for a golf sim, in my view.

    Back up your impact screen with a net. The screen will last longer.

    ProTee is a good choice.
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    • Gpro54
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      Thank you, aja! If my ceiling is 10ft high and Im 6'6, Ill still be ok with it mounted on the ceiling? Like I stated in my post, I have played in business simulators before, and for the life of me, I cant remember how far away they were mounted from me/swing area. Again, I dont remember coming close to hitting them, or seeing shadows, and Im pretty sure they it was a 10ft high ceiling. The whole ground mounted projecters are throwing me off a bit. In what case would someone put their projector on the ground?

    • aja
      aja commented
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      Commercial sims I've been in have had lots of ceiling height, usually industrial warehouses, etc.

      The trickiest part about using a short throw projector with ProTee is avoiding having your projector interfere with the overhead light placement. It's not a show stopper and once you get everything properly positioned you're set for the duration.

      Floor mounting is absolutely the least preferred option - how would you putt?

      Poke around my post showing my build out. You should get some idea of what I'm talking about and installing ProTee in general..

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    computer as aja posted spend about 1500...I like the ASUS line but any gaming computer line should work. Desktop is the way to go...if going gaming laptop you will need to spend about another 1000. Projector yes short throw - about 900. If looking for a almost complete SIM solution for what I think is a reasonable price checkout

    I went with the one shown. They are really nice to work with as well - before and after the sale.


    • Gpro54
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      Thank you,penrose! I spent the last hour or so checking out their site. VERY helpful seeing the floor plans. Im have issues understanding how far away from screen i place hitting mat, where the projector goes ground/ceiling, are my ceilings high enough. See, Im worried about all this stuff because im getting ready to start the finishing of the inside of the shed, While doing the finishing part, id like to have certain cuts/holes made. I.e projector mounted up IN the ceiling/hole cut for it on floor if it needs to be on floor, sunken hitting area, meaning the ProTee sensor, stand mat and the rest of the floor are even, the halogen lights built up into the ceiling, etc... But I cant do any of that until I know where every thing should be, or if I have enough room. UUGGHH Should I just say, Im going to have a 10ft ceiling,12x8 screen and hit balls 8ft away from screen and hope where I put the projector is going to be ok? Am I making this harder than it should be? lol

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    40 yards Internet. The internet is a key to the connection so you might have to pony up for the separate connection


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      Kind of figured that..How about those speeds..ok?

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    A lot of people with GC2's had ProTee before. No one with a ProTee used to have a GC2. Not much else I can say about that.

    A GC2 gives you what you see at the range. It tells you everything the ball does like you visually see the ball fight. People talk about gear effect but if the ball goes left it's a pull. If it's a spiny drive or slice or hook you can see that. The GC2 gives you the same feedback. Is the HMT good? Yes. Did you have club tracking when you learned to play? Did you get to be a pro anyway?

    When I worked at Xerox we used to say no one ever got fired for buying Xerox. Well, no one ever replaced their GC2.


    • Gpro54
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      Thanks for the reply, AND for making me contemplate which system to go with again!! lol I LOVEthe simplicity of the GC2. Setup for the ProTee looks like it could be a pain. Being a golf pro, I obviously have a understanding of the golf swing, If a student has a high side spin rate, and it goes from left to right, I know what the club was doing through impact.For me personally, i would be just fine with the GC2. Give me backspin rate and launch angle and im pretty much set. I just thought the club data would be nice(visually) if I did get into lessons. I dont know..leaning toward the GC2 now. If you see my comment to others above, you can see that, which simulator I go with at this second is not the biggest issue. Getting everything preset is giving me fitts, The GC2 would take a lot less prefabricating while finishing the halogen lights, hitting sensor/mat, camera positioning, ect... Got me thinking mthunt

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    Yep. Lot of people jumping on those GC2's from golfsmith. People trading in their ProTees for GC2's and losing thousands. If you're buying new, sure, gotta go with the GC2's for the price. If youre selling your ProTees for pennies on the dollar I say spend some time on it. I'm glad I did! what a great piece of hardware for the money!!


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      i will never get rid of my protee love it


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        I am in the process myself of building a simulator. I opted for the skytrak. My sim will be in one of my garages which is 10'4" ceiling. I am going to be using an impact screen that is 120" wide by 108" tall. Im planning on hitting at about 10 feet. i bought a country club elite hitting mat. I bought an optoma 1080gt from amazon for about 600 and bought a 17.3" gaming laptop from ebay. After tons of research i went with an msi that has an i7-6700 processor and gtx1070 graphics card. i found a good deal for 1500. normally it would retail at 2000. had the same one on amazon for 1500 but ebay has no tax. its a refurbished but comes with warranty and it is immaculate. tgc looks great on it.Im waiting for a few parts to show up so i can get it all set up. wish i could pony up the extra dough for the gc2 but wife would surely send me to an early grave! lol Good luck!


        • wbond
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          I have the same setup, garage, ST, optoma and same size screen and even the CCE(although i switched to the DIY gel mat). The optoma has a large offset and a fixed lens. If you can mount it on a rail system that you can move side to side and front to back, it will make adjusting it to the screen a lot easier.

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        had the protee. Now I have gc2... the protee set up is a bit of a pain... but if your concerned with left and right handed golfers then protee is the way to go because it serves both. If your shed is wide enough you set the sensor mat right in the middle.. and it's great for that.. the cameras that come with it are complicated to set up and your lighting conditions have to be spot on otherwise you will get a lot of misreads. The cameras will pick up the club and not the ball and you will have a lot of balloon shots. Very true what mthunt said. I also didn't care for the fiberbuilt sensor mat to hit off of. To me it threw me off because the ball kind of sits down a bit and I had a tough time chipping and pitching off of it. I now have the gc2 and the CCE mat and since your a pro and probably a good player I think you would be happier getting that kind of true feedback. Basically what the protee does is it measures the club data and calculate's the ball data. The gc2 does the exact opposite measures the ball data then calculate's club data based off its spin. Is it 100% accurate no but it's good enough for me. Don't make the mistake of buying one system then changing your mind and getting something else it will cost you thousands like it did me. I actually went thru two different systems before I landed on the gc2.. I first got the p3pro swing then I went to the protee and now the gc2. If I would have just stepped up and gotten the gc2 first I would have saved a ton of money lost. Not that the protee is bad, it's a very good system once it's set up right. But it is labor intensive. I'm just talking hardware here. As far as software go with TGC all the way by far the best graphics anywhere. I just don't want to see you go thru what I did. We here on this forum are here to help.. best of luck.. Tony.


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          Originally posted by Tonyd9366 View Post
          Basically what the protee does is it measures the club data and calculate's the ball data.
          The ProTee measures club data AND measures ball data. The only thing it calculates is spin.

          TGC tours:


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            I have no problems chipping or putting off the protee mat.


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              I will add I do not have a putting sensor and I think it's amazing putting. I can lag a 50 footer better than in real life almost.


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                Gopro, if you do decided on the protee, I'd go all the way and get the putting sensor as well it's 1500.00 but from what I've read it is very accurate. Reason I say this is because if you don't, you have to putt on the main sensor mat. It will read the putt but you have to alter your stance so you head does not cover the lights above.. if that happens the sensor mat will not read the putt. That threw off my putting when I went and played real golf. But with the putting sensor no need to alter anything.. and it's really accurate. Good luck on which ever system, remember protee is really good a little more work involved, but less cost.. vs. The gc2 more cost much less work to set up. As far as the HMT tower, I don't feel it's nessesary too much cost and you need to put sensor dot stickers on the clubs in order for the HMT to process the club data. The gc2 will give you enough data.. Figure 7 to 10k for a really good solid simulator set up. That's for everything. That's if you don't change set ups very year like unfortunately I did. Be 100% in your decision that's the best advise I can give you.


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                  Not true on stance altering if you have the lights right.


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                    I had the lights right Bill.. exactly the way protee suggested.. I had to have my head and eyes back way behind the ball and I don't putt that way in real golf. I have my eyes directly over the ball when I putt and you can't do that with the protee sensor pad. With the putting sensor yes you can putt normal. You may set up differently than me when you putt and maybe that's why you don't see a problem. It just didn't work for me. I'm not here to debate.. I just want to let gopro know what to expect with both systems. They both have advantages and disadvantages. I just don't want guys out there that want a simulator to go thru the growing pains that both you and I experienced. And the wasted money I spent in switching systems...