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How often do you change golf balls when hitting on golf mat

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    Smack them till they crack.
    400-500 shoots. Pro V1x


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      I pretty much stick to the multi-layer tour balls but try a bunch of different brands (ProV1x, B330X, Chrome Soft X, TP5x, Cut, Snell, Kirkland) to compare spin and feel etc.. great part of having a LM.

      Anyway, I use a hitting net instead of a projection screen (partly cost, partly noise). My net has become frayed in a few spots and I managed to punch a ball through the other day. Apparently I need to monitor my balls a little better for scuffs and change them out more frequently.

      For your amusement this is what a golf ball does to drywall.


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        I use a harder ball like the NTX tour. I do this because the harder ball will last a little longer and the lower spin will help preserve my impact screen. I switch them out when the stamping starts to look rough. I check the balls after every session for any scuffs or blemishes. Immediately remove them if I find anything.


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          Originally posted by View Post
          only 2-300 shots? What ball do you use?
          I play Chromesofts and Supersofts.

          Have tried many others, with pretty similar results. Must be my massive swing-speed is just too much.


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            I get about 600 shots with a Chromesoft. Then they normally crack or the writing is completely worn off.


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              I use them until they split. I've probably split 10or so balls in the past couple of months. Callaways were the worst, only lasted a few days. I got 2 weeks out of a TP5. I just take whatever balls I find on the golf course out of my bag and use them in the sim.


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                When I first started using my ST in December I would split my left over run of the mill balls fairly frequently. I decided to use the balls that I actually planned on gaming i.e. ProV1x, TM TP5x, and Chromesoft Truvis. I kept the balls inside my house to keep at room temperature then just take a few out to the garage for my practice session. When I was following that protocol I didn't have any split balls through the rest of the Winter. However, last night I split my first ProV1x and it kind of caught me off guard. The only time I focus on having the logo facing the ST is when I am using my driver and that is only for 10-20 hits per practice.


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                  I had the same question for everyone about balls. I have just gotten my SkyTrak a couple of months and since I have it set up outside, I pretty much only play on weekends when the weather is nice. During the holidays I have been playing several days straight and ended up cracking a ball for the first time. Then I started thinking about the golf balls. I have pretty much been using the same sleeve of Titleist ProV1's to the point where they are scuffing up pretty badly and the logos are pretty worn. I hit into the Net Return and have an astroturf runner that is around 3 feet wide which catches most of the shots but some land on the stone tiles on my balcony. The ProV1's have pretty much held up but the ball that I cracked was a Callaway Chrome Soft that I pulled out of my bag. I don't really know how long I had used it or its history but I was quite surprised that it cracked.

                  My question to everyone is what balls I should be hitting for the simulator? I generally only buy ProV1's or Callaway Chrome Soft balls but I do end up finding a lot of different balls so have a variety in my bag. Do you find a big difference in playability on SkyTrak?

                  I am still a relatively high handicap so probably don't see a lot of difference with type of ball but do like the feel of the ProV1's especially on the green and with wedges. but I wonder if it really matters that much with the SkyTrak.

                  The other consideration is the durability of net. I suppose if I am using scuffed balls, I should expect that it will negatively affect the condition of the net.



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                    It does matter to skytrak since it reads the ball. YOu will notice spin differences based on ball type. Hit a 8 iron with a proV and compare it to something like a callaway supersoft. However, the softer the ball the more likely it will be to crack, at least in my experience.

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                  Even if you're a high handicapper ball choice can make a big difference. I only use the balls that I play on the course (chrome softs) in my golf cave. As an example of the difference - hitting a full sand wedge with a Callaway supersoft gives an average spin of about 6,000 RPM. With a chrome soft the spin is 10,000 RPM. That's a BIG difference. In fact according to ST with a Supersoft ALL my total yardages were longer than the respective carry, and with a chrome soft ALL the totals were shorter than the carries because of the backspin.

                  As a side point - I've had about 5 chromesofts just shatter in my golf cave. About the time the writing completely wears off them - watch out!


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                    I generally change mine over after a couple of rounds. My wedges tend to scuff the ball up, leaving sharp bits. As soon as that happens, the ball goes in a bag for playing on the course. I don’t want a sharp ball damaging my impact screen!


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                      I play TP5x balls and just buy the near-mint ones from Usually with a coupon or deal you can pick up a 96 bucket for around a 100 bucks or so.

                      I tend to rotate 3 balls while I play and change them out every week or 2 to keep the net from fraying. Once I start feeling the balls getting rough I toss them in the shag bag and I’ll play them on days where I’ll lose some balls (fall leaves, early spring / soggy courses, etc).


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                        I use the 3 piece Kirkland balls. I haven’t cracked one yet, they perform in the ballpark of the tour balls I play (I’ll game the Kirkland’s anyway) and they last for weeks before they scuff to the point of causing damage. Best of all they are super cheap and seem to be in decent supply (unlike the 4 piece which appear to be done in terms of availability).


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                          I usually use the ball until it cracks or starts to feel rough to the touch to save my screen. Each ball will usually last a few weeks. Have been using TopFlite D2 golf balls but will be switching to Kirkland 3 piece as they have a very durable cover and are soft which is great for the winter in my garage.


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                            Thanks, guys, good comments here. Interested to see what kind of numbers I would get, I did a ball comparison between ProV1, Callaway Chrome Soft, Callaway Warbird, and Honma D1 (the last two were balls that I had found and were sitting in my bag). I did this comparison through the Skills Assessment mode and hit my 56-degree sand wedge to a 70-yard green. I just selected 4 targets and selected the same club and distance for comparison. As expected, ProV1's and Chrome Soft outperformed the other two balls with around 9,000 RPM's and negative role vs. around 4,000 and a positive roll for the other two. What was also interesting was that I was getting a much higher ball flight for the latter two balls. ProV1's and Chrome Soft averaged at around 38 degrees launch angle and 17-yard height while the other two were averaging at 48 degrees launch angle and 20-yard height. For the Warbird, I actually had to move closer to my Net Retun for fear that I was actually going to clear it and hit into the office building behind my house. I didn't have a chance to do a proper comparison with my driver but I was getting further distance with the Honma and Warbird.


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                              Yes yes yes sirish19 - I do sooooo agree. I'm just a rubbish 61 yr old 18 handicapper, but the differences really are big enough for me to notice even with my normally mediocre hitting. I compared supersoft to chrome soft hitting full sand wedges and here's the average of my (decent) shots:

                              supersoft ball 67 spin 5938 launch 40 height 21 hang 4.5 descent 54 roll 2 total 72
                              chrome soft ball 68 spin 10110 launch 34 height 16 hang 4.1 descent 49 roll -2 total 73

                              So now here's a harder question - which would you rather have? A spin of 6000 but descent of 54 deg or a much higher spin but a lower shot height and descent? Now that I come to think about it, I'm not sure! (The totals are pretty similar anyway) Views, anybody?...........


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                                Playing in tgc, it appears to me that more spin is always better to hold the greens