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Recent Skytrak Satisfaction

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  • Recent Skytrak Satisfaction

    Debating a purchase between Skytrak and GC2 and looking to see if anyone feels positive about a recent Skytrak purchase? Many posts on this forum have a negative tone when it comes to Skytrak (ie defective unit or inferior accuracy) that do not seem to correlate with GC2. Any peeps out there who love their recent Skytrak purchase? Leaning towards a GC2 but would love to save some cash if I could get similar accuracy and reliability with a Skytrak. I'm aware of ball speed readings being 3-5% lower with Skytrak for 150+ speeds and exaggerated curvature of spin (ie no spin decay).



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    Love mine. Bought a used skytrack 3 months ago. I get the odd missed shot but I’m fine with it. Wish I would have bought one years ago.


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      It is extremely accurate. I often can’t believe how well it works. Only issue is with Trugolf and Skytrak not getting it done. Play on E6 is a lot of fun however.
      with a lack of updates I wonder if Skytrak is having difficulty staying in business but I know almost nothing re. this issue. The unit is crazy accurate


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        exaggerated curvature of spin (ie no spin decay).
        This goes without telling, but I will say it anyhow. This is not an issue with the ST hardware itself, only in the ST range software. TGC (and probably other sims as well) do take spin decay into account in their models.

        My skytrak has been near perfect since purchased. I would have taken the GC2 if the price difference wasn't so large, but overall I have no complaints. The delay doesn't bother me in the slightest.


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          I absolutely loved my skytrak and the range was awesome. With that said I did switch to gc2.
          1. No skytrak delay
          2. Seems more accurate on high ball speeds
          3. Fewer no reads
          4. No annual gip $100 fee

          skytrak was great but I wouldn't go back to it now that I have gc2.

          how many people would go back to skytrak after having gc2? Im thinking zero?


          • lamorak24
            lamorak24 commented
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            Did you buy the FSX software? How is the standard GC2 software? I cant seem to find anything online about that, only the $3000 FSX

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          I've been a happy skytrak customer for the past 3 years. For its price, it gives accurate shot feedback the majority of time.

          Skytrak has made steady improvements to it software, but has been oddly quiet for the last year. For customers who originally got the game improvement package for $100, they grandfathered in those customers at the same rate. I have no complaints about their customer service.

          Skytrak does have it's limitations compared to the gc2. Putting accuracy, smaller hitting window, strict alignment, players with fast swing speeds, and shot delay. Is that worth 4k difference? Depends on your budget.

          If I were in the market now, uneekor would be the one that would consider.


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            I think SkyTrak is great, and I've had no real problems to date (1.5 years). There is an element of getting used to it, making sure it's set up correctly and troubleshooting if it's slightly out for you (often this is leveling, alignment etc). This forum's a great guide for achieving this.

            Any forum or set of reviews will always be focused more on the negative, as there's no real story in "it works great". If anyone has issues (which of course people do), then they are much more likely to voice them publicly than if you are 100% satisfied.

            There's always a better/more expensive option/temptation, so it depends on budget. But currently there's no competition in my opinion at this price point.


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              I have had my SkyTrak since December of 2017 and, love it! I find it to be very accurate with how I see my game IRL. I don't understand the gripes claiming lack of support, SkyTrak has a few employees that contribute on here. I don't think there is any support from Foresight, Flightscope, or Trackman on here. I low key prefer the 3ish second delay and have gotten so used to it that when I hit on a GC2 it seems too fast.

              With all my positive feelings toward SkyTrak I will admit I am window shopping between Uneekor, GC2/HMT, or GCQuad. Mainly because I am a hopeless optimist thinking club data will help me fix my shit swing.

              If budget is a concern for you I research thoroughly on the software requirements that Foresight has. Also, do you need a mat, net, impact screen, projector, TGC, or gaming laptop/PC?


              • Gazpacho
                Gazpacho commented
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                Club data will not help your swing unless you have a professional fix your swing issues. Club data helps teaching professionals and scratch golfers

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              I have had my Skytrak since June 2017. It has worked really well for the me the entire time. I haven't needed Skytrak support but feel they are pretty responsive here on the forum and always are trying to help. It has definitely helped my game with the extra practice and feedback. I'd say for the price it's the best launch monitor out there. Uneekor, GC2 and the more expensive units are awesome and more accurate. But for $1700-2000 there is nothing better. Good luck with your choice!


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                -Easy setup - I take mine outside every time I use it so the fact that it runs on a batter and is in a metal case (with a bubble level) are huge.
                -iOS integration - Who really wants to run the software on a laptop when they always have an iPhone with them?

                -Accuracy. I paid $2k plus a yearly $150 membership for accurate ball data. SkyTrak cannot accurately measure ball data for my driver and 3w.
                -Software updates. ST charges us huge yearly software memberships but don't regularly update their software--it's been almost a year.
                -Accuracy in the sun. I use my ST outside and I'm limited to late afternoon and night time practice because the sun's IR rays mess with ST's ability to read the ball.

                ST has made my practice sessions more interesting for sure but I think to get to the next level, ST needs to work on accuracy and a more realistic action on the green.


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                  Originally posted by trumb1mj View Post
                  -Accuracy. I paid $2k plus a yearly $150 membership for accurate ball data. SkyTrak cannot accurately measure ball data for my driver and 3w.
                  Hi, i actually pulled the trigger on a ST yesterday. Could you explain what the problems with ball data for driver and 3-wood is? Is it just distance or direction/spin also?


                  • GungHoGolf
                    GungHoGolf commented
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                    Took this vid yesterday. After he got warmed up, all drives were 158-163 ball speed and carries matched what he sees on the course:

                  • JackedUpSwing
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                    I average 162 on GC2 and I rarely saw above 155 on Skytrak. Had to boost Skytrak to get my outdoor distances. I used no boost on GC2.

                  • Wizard of Coz
                    Wizard of Coz commented
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                    I agree with jacked up swing. My skytrak good drives 152-158. My gc2 good drives 157-163. I know a couple players hitting 170 on skytrak but I wonder what their speed on gc2 is?

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                  ST is the only launch monitor I've ever owned but I must say overall, I'm very pleased with it's reliability, value and accuracy. ST FTW.
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                    Originally posted by kokoskorpen View Post

                    Hi, i actually pulled the trigger on a ST yesterday. Could you explain what the problems with ball data for driver and 3-wood is? Is it just distance or direction/spin also?
                    Thanks. Then i won't have to worry since i'm below those ball speeds. Hopefully with the help from Skytrak will change that..


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                      I've had my Skytrak for about six months. I've had no real problems. Everything seems accurate, but my ball speeds don't get to 150 mph. Only issue I've seen is miss reads on putts in the TGC 2019 game. The Skytrak itself I've only had a handfull of misreads while practicing on the range or one of the game improvement options. For the price I'm extremely happy with it.


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                        Ball speed is probably my biggest concern with purchasing skytrak as my swing speed is around 110 (265-270 carry) with driver which I’m estimating ball speed of 160ish. Will Skytrak just under report higher ball speeds or will it max out in the low 150s (which could lead to greater discrepancies?


                        • Gresh12
                          Gresh12 commented
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                          I have a similar swing speed and a Voice Caddie I compare against periodically. Both devices are almost always within 1-2 mph on ball speed for me.

                          I can’t get either above 160 but that’s just where I seem to top out not the devices. If Skytrak bleeds ballspeed at higher levels I think it’s sliwky underestimating and definitely not a wall at 150.