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Golf Simulator Forum wants your opinions about the SkyTrak to be heard!

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  • Golf Simulator Forum wants your opinions about the SkyTrak to be heard!

    Dear SkyTrak owner,

    We would like to hear your honest opinion about the SkyTrak Launch Monitor (positive or negative) so new simulator owners can get the information they need to make smart buying choices.

    You can use the following link to write your review:

    Thank you!!


    PS: You do not have to be a member of the forum to write a review.

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    Originally posted by trumb1mj View Post
    Has ball speed accuracy been a topic of debate? I was reading GolfWRX about a super high ball speed player seeing ball speeds top out at 163mph on the SkyTrak but on Trackman and GC2 seeing ball speeds in the 180s. Has anything been done to correct this or is this a hardware limitation?
    We've had ball speeds well over 200 MPH. You have to be very mindful of setup though - most of those long drive guys like to tee the ball extremely high which cuts the balls off at the top of the image. To get Jeff Crittendon to capture consistently, I think we placed the ball about 4 inches behind the red laser and then had the SkyTrak elevated a few inches. For 99% of players, you shouldn't have to do anything with the unit position, but I consider these extraordinary circumstances (keep in mind that elevating the unit make the laser dot actually get farther away from the unit as you raise it, so be sure to keep the ball the correct distance from the unit.).


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      Can you please allow for exporting sessions to CSV? Actually, just replace PDF with CSV. Who in their right mind wants a PDF that doesn't paste properly into spreadsheet software?


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        While I do not have any issues with my skytrak I would like to see it have a Ethernet port - so Wifi is not needed.


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          My SkyTrak loves the Volvik Vivid pink balls. Very consistent reading. I found I like them on the golf course also.


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            I am new to Skytrak and have had some fits getting my to work correctly I understand there is a learning curve and I'm still working at it. I would say one thing I would like to see if possible would be a diagnostic mode or live view. Something that you could turn on with app or pc and get a view of what the Skytrak sees with it's cameras this could be helpful if there was something that was causing interference like light or shadows or a bad reflection or something shiny in the background ect. This could be very helpful in troubleshooting


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              Been following this forum about a month. I got my SkyTrak 2 weeks ago. Setup went smooth. Only issue with the SkyTrak software I have so far is that in the "Challenge" area, Player #1 defaults to my name when in multi-player mode (and single player mode). Several times I've had friends over and I'm just watching or I'd prefer to go last, but there is no way to edit names. All you get is "my name" as first player and then "Player #2" and "Player #3" etc. Hard to believe for the cost of the SkyTrak unit and the annual subscription that it wont allow a simple edit of the names...


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                SkyTrak_Seth one really annoying thing is the in ability to delete shots from your shot history. After a session I'd like to go back and remove the anomalies to get good averages. I can delete some shots but not others. This seems like a bug to me...


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                  The accuracy is very questionable . I have had it for a a month now. Very inconsistent. Hitting of Fiberbuilt.
                  Distancses are at least 10 yards short of REAL. The left bias is extremely real and with no deteriation of spin makes it worse.
                  I' thinking of sending mine in to have it looked at. Too many obvious large errors compared to REAL. I play 3 times a week and know my tendoncies and distances. So far I'm not very happy with it.


                  • wbond
                    wbond commented
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                    Have you taken it outside to confirm the unit is bad?

                  • nicklas
                    nicklas commented
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                    Hi there. A short version of my sky trak work. I have had the unit for almost 3years. Played golf over 40 years.
                    Fist months I was also totaly lost in distances and direction. i was certain with the fact the the ST was bad. After finally get used to hit indoor I reached the same distances as IRL.
                    Working on my swing due to a certain "Mr Wilson" I am hitting longer and less off line. Both indoors and IRL.
                    NOTE. A sesion always start with shorter distance. As I getting used to indoor....the distance increases to normal.
                    (If you normaly hit with big divots and bring that to the mat, ST will most certainly send you to the left becaurse that is the eeffect of "fat" shots on a mat)

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                  Have a skytrak in my home for a while and have been using it alongside mgg GC2 and honeslty it's a very good machine. The only issue I'm seeing is I'll hit the same exact spot on the screen and one will read 4 degrees left HA and the next one 10 degrees ? That's quite a difference for a shot hitting the same exact mark the last ball made in the screen.


                  • triplebogeysrbetter
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                    Sometimes I am off by a couple of degrees with my setup. Although I am hitting the same spot.
                    The Skytrak has made a world of difference for me on the course though.

                • I've been using ST for four years now. Always outside on my driveway all year round. I live outside Chicago. If it's cold and clear with no snow I'm hitting balls.

                  ST isn't good in network mode. The setup is really contrived and the slightest network hiccup ends in disco.

                  In USB mode it's ok but that's a pain too.

                  My iPad and direct mode is the best configuration I've found. But connecting the software to get the license and then turning on ST dropping out of the program and connecting to ST and going back into the program to finish connecting is a tad on the ridiculous side but it works.

                  ST not remembering the defaults after you change them is fun too.

                  The tracer colors switching from visible light colors to invisible dark colors every other shit is annoying also.

                  Love bag mapping. That and the range are the reasons I own it.


                  • Wizard of Coz
                    Wizard of Coz commented
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                    I don't agree with everything stated but I sure do miss the range!

                • The unit works fine. After 3 years of practice it has gotten me from 10 handicap to a solid 5. Great for wedges irons, hybrids and woods. Total waste of time with putting and it’s ok with driver.
                  As far as software. WGT is not worth anything. And the rest are 300 to 500 yearly. Not like an xbox or PlayStation where you buy the software and you own it. Total greed.
                  The range practice is ok. But again with a 100 dollar a year commitment for anything interesting in the enhanced training on the range. They do force you to have to reregister every year even for free range services. Not sure for what. But you never quite get the feeling that you outright Own the device without a commitment of some sort.
                  So overall it’s good enough for the money. If I found something that gave me a flight and just a few golf course options for a relative price without the gottchas on registrations I would look elsewhere.
                  Sorry Skytrak but I would give this product a C for overall product. Too much after expense commitments.

                  Oh and save yourself the money on the impact case. If you hit the device with a golf ball it’s toast. Regardless of what case it’s in. So far I have been ok with my strikes and never hit the unit.