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Skytrak tips and tricks

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  • Skytrak tips and tricks

    Hey all, With all the bad press around Skytrak with its sim integration problem/sync issues with the pga show this year

    I wanted to write a post/ turn it positive that would help all users to maybe get their skytrak working better. I'm maybe hoping this will get stickied for its information. If you have anything to add please do so. I have only used PC version so some of these maybe pc related. I get it, not everyone loves their skytrak but lets try to keep this thread to a best practices post.

    1. Make sure unit is level- use level or level with "protective" (lol) case leveler
    2. Alignment - make sure unit is aligned with where your striking.
    3. Make sure unit is level with surface your hitting off of
    - If hitting off mat make sure unit doesnt move or is off the mat/ even with the mat
    4. Balls - I've found nxt tour s, velocities, nike one vapors work pretty well. I havent tried prov1s yet but read the reduce spin messes w/ skytrak - I could be wrong?
    5. Swing speeds - if you have a high swing speed, tee the driver about an inch back results have varied from user to user but seems to help. Also making unit level with ball for driver seemed to work, is it a pain in the bum yeah but what are you going to do?
    6. Marks on the ball - whether they are putting lines or ball markings, the cameras seem to like this more and results are greatly increased.
    7. Sync issues - I still have sync issues, I turn my wi-fi off, when doing this the lag is greatly reduced since unit is always trying to connect to their server
    8. Direct USB - I've always used direct usb, I cant comment on wireless connecting. Its just my preferred method.
    9. My skytrak likes to be off before I connect it via usb to my laptop, I plug the usb in then turn it usb cord is in , plug it in, turn unit on win 10 finds it.

    this is all i have for now/ what i can think of please feel free to add!
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    Good reading, and some really good tips. I dont normally have read problems from ST and didn't know you could place the ball around the laser dot. I religiously place the ball on the dot and when i drive i use winter tees so place that rubber triangle on the dot too. I will experiment with moving the ball about the dot to see if it makes a difference.

    I deffo will move the ball about the dot when putting. I do find putting to be the most letdown. im a very good putter on the course, prob the best part of my game, but in the garage its appalling to the point of embarrassment. I normally turn it off when playing in TGC but now i have started playing in the tour i am being forced to use it.


    • Ozmodion
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      chriscwhite cheers i will do that, but its not the missreading of the hits that's the problem, its judging how strong to hit the ball at 5 ft and then 25 ft etc. It's my skill that's the question not the hardware.

      would be nice if we had a putting green to practice on in the software. Hopefully will come in the big updates we are promised by Seth this year.

    • chriscwhite
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      TGC 2019 has a practice putting area and it's a game changer. I go there first as I am warming up to play and then I go to their chipping practice area. Lastly, I finish off with their driving range. It gets me all synced before I play a round.

    • Ozmodion
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      ooooooh i can't wait. why didnt i get Alpha testing

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    Are we ok if we put the ball with the laser right on it at all times? I've done this including driver. Only problem is I think it shows me to be a better golfer than I am.


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      I just wanted to add my findings to this thread regarding putting. I've had a lot of frustration working with the SkyTrak and putting on E6. I've tried moving the ball back, forward, closer, and further out. I've tried ensuring the logo is facing the Skytrak. And just when I think I have it figured out it misses another read. Well I played the other night and on putts I used the Callaway BOLD red ball. I haven't missed a read on a putt yet. I do ensure the logo is facing the laser and put it on the dot. No miss reads yet, let's hope it keeps up!


      • nicklas
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        Are you putting on the normal mat? I placed a putting mat onto the hitting mat (between shots and putting) and it was so much better. Smoth flow for the ball without bumps.
        Eventhough I find the simulator putting destroying my real game putting.

      • noles1800
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        yeah I'm putting off of my hitting mat. It looks like I still have trouble whenever I'm putting off of the fringe. Everything else seems to read fine.