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Congrats to @sb944 winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - CIMB Classic !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - TGC Tour Classic with 2 rounds at Coeur D Alene (ProTee) :
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TGC for TrackMan 4

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    I have already installed TGC and played few holes in limited time. First impressions:
    1) Putting is working very nice. I did not suffered any backswing issues with putter (zero backspin). Only, I have noticed that the total putt distance in TGC was almost twice longer than Trackman numbers. Fast Greens?
    2) In a limited time of ball striking, i did not noticed backspin numbers of 2222.

    I will check more details and compare more shot data of Trackman vs TGC soon.


    • DOC
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      Thanks mthunt, i have changed green speed from options. I could not arrange a perfect match of sim putting length to my reel putting length, however it is better now. Maybe i should try some different combinations of “green speed and stimpmeter” which are located in settings in the TGC dashboard, to find the best match.

    • NiklasFischier
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      DOC, did you ever find settings matching the speed of your setup? I noticed mentions of both a stimpmeter and green speed in options. I only have the Stimp parameter in my settings file. Are there different versions of the settings file available? I also noticed most of the settings were under the headline "Skytrak" event tho i use Trackman 4. Is that the way it's supposed to be?


    • DOC
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      This is the setting in my dashboard what i am using, which rolls close to my putting surface.


      High BackSpin Correction=ON
      Show Club Data=ON

      [Course Configuration]
      Green Stimp=3
      Green Firmness=2
      Green Speed=3

      [TGC Online]
      Shot Recording=ON
      User Name=Nurettin Katranci
      User ID=3C94-3EA9-4D19-6059-BD1F

      Horizontal Angle Correction=ON
      Short Chip Correction=ON
      Putting Correction=ON
      Driver Boost=0
      Wood Boost=0
      Iron Boost=0
      Wedge Boost=0
      Putter Boost=0