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Acoustically transparent golf screens

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  • Acoustically transparent golf screens

    Is there such a thing?

    my sim is going in the main TV movie room and speaker placement is proving to be a problem.

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    I have my front speakers and my sub mounted behind the screen with no problem. I am using partopro hq screen. I see on their web site they no longer offer this screen. It looks like they only offer the new “quiet” type. That is a shame. It is a great product, and the clarity is amazing.


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      Have you had a specific problem? I ask because I place my front center speaker and 2 side speakers behind my screen and I have not experienced any loss in volume are quality. I've used several different screens and I am currently using one I got from mfg with the guys on the forum.


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        I also have 3 in wall speakers behind my screen and have the 2nd round screen from DBgolf. I would say there is a very slight loss in volume, but no loss in quality. I was initially worried about the volume and quality of sound since the screen is so thick, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I also had the basic Carl's screen before and it was definitely acoustically transparent.