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Impact Screen with Net Behind It? Why?

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  • Impact Screen with Net Behind It? Why?

    Seems like a lot of us have impact screens for projection purposes, but still "back up" with archery netting or additional netting behind. Is it just out of caution?

    I see the screens are typically fairly dense and smooth. Are there higher-strength screens made with white archery netting or similar that still take a projected image reasonably well?

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    It also extends the life of your screen and reduces bounce back.


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      It acts as an extra cushion to take the impact and stop the screen from stretching too much, which will make it last longer.


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        I have a Carl's Preferred screen with a West Coast Netting Archery net. Expensive net for the back but 100% worth it. The archery net is tight and I get no bounce back and no damage behind the net. I have a window 1 ft behind the net. I like to live dangerously.


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          Guys - thanks for bringing up this topic. I currently have a West Coast Netting Archery Net as my screen. Been in place for about 2 1/2 years and I am finally seeing some fraying marks. I have to hit it off center as my room walls are only 10'6" wide. So my question is I can take the whole thing apart and flip the screen or do I go get a new screen placed in front? How much distance are the Carl's screen and the archery netting? 2 sets of bungy? My set up is they are screwed directly into the frame that I built. I would prefer a better image so suggestions are welcome. Thanks


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            Personally I think the netting helping is a fallacy. Most nets stretch and flex 10x more than an impact screen. There's probably exceptions, but I don't think its worth it. A second impact screen will help though. Also putting things behind a net that have color in them can transfer through the screen. Moving blankets behind is even worse, the dye transfers to the screen and the impact blankets get torn to shreds quickly.


            • mjmtengu
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              What do you mean the dye transfers? Also, what gets shredded? Most users on this forum have had success with nets and moving blankets. The place where I take lessons has netting supplied by foresight behind thr screen and this has worked for years...

            • shwag33
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              The moving blankets get shredded. Mine lasted 2 weeks, and the blue dye from them transferred to the back of the screen and you could start to see it through the front.

              What is a net going to do behind an impact screen? The impact screen flexes like 5-7". Nets when struck by a golf ball flex at least double that. It certainly won't hurt, but wont really do all that much.

              Also memory foam gets shredded over time as well. The best solution is a good quality impact screen with at least 8". If I wasn't so lazy i'd go on my phone and upload shredded 4" memory foam after 5-6 months, shredded moving blankets after 2 weeks.

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            Putting a mattress behind my impact area helped immensely with bounce back, noise, and image clarity (black cloth in between screen and mattress)


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