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Buy Impact Screen Fabric Directly from Mill

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  • Buy Impact Screen Fabric Directly from Mill

    As a cost sensitive person attempting to build a high quality simulator, I realized purchasing the correct impact screen is critical to both the simulator's overall performance and it's price tag. It should be affordable, durable, seamless, impact resistant, have minimal bounce back, low noise, and display HD quality images.

    West Coast Netting, Par2Pro, Foresight, Carl's Place and others listed in various forum threads all sell screens but none actually manufacture them. Buying second hand increases cost and my goal to buy the highest quality materials at the best possible price can only be accomplished by purchasing direct from the mill that manufacturers the fabric.

    After plenty of research I found the mill that's manufacturing the impact screen fabric for Foresight, Carl's Place and others. The mills highest quality impact screen fabric is a heavyweight knit polyester sold only in 120 inch x 40 yard rolls. The raw material costs $56/yard without shipping.

    40 yards is clearly too much material for my simulator so I'm looking to get a group of us on the forum to split a roll.

    Please advise any interest or questions.

  • Hey Daniel,

    Thanks again for driving this whole process!!!

    So for now, are you not taking new orders until sometime in the future when you have enough interest and confirmed payments to fill a whole new roll of fabric?

    It's still not 100% clear to me (and likely others just getting up to speed on this thread) how this whole process works (e.g., do people just post here what they want? do they need to fill out a spreadsheet? when do they send you payment / shipping label?). It'd be great if you could edit the first / original post with the steps involved.


    • Mulliganman199
      Mulliganman199 commented
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      the answers to what you are looking for are found in the forum. just takes a little reading.

  • Not completed fully but got the screen up. Skytrak unit is due in today!


    • Looking for a screen of at least 12 feet if anyone changes their mind and wants to sell.


      • Can anyone else sending a label help coordinate a pickup time with Daniel? When is a good time and do UPS/FedEx/USPS all pick up?


        • Hi - my name is Trace and I was hoping someone has a spare direct from the mill screen I could purchase. My screen size is 12 feet wide by nine feet tall. Please feel free to call me at ( Removed for your own privacy , ProTee Max )or email me at ( Removed for your own privacy,ProTee Max ). Thank you!
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          • wbond
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            Do you really want your personal number posted online? PM is probably better.

        • Thanks again dbgolf72! UPS label just sent over!


          • @dbgolf72 Label sent for my screen


            • dbgolf72
              dbgolf72 commented
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              Received thank you

          • Just sent the label for my screen as well, thanks.


            • looking for an impact screen if anyone is selling, LMK


              • Originally posted by jryan View Post
                looking for an impact screen if anyone is selling, LMK
                I have a used one. PM me.


                • I will purchase a 16x10 or 14x10 if anyone backs out or there is material left over. Thanks.
                  dbgolf72 I have also sent you an email regarding same.

                  Also, I am obviously new here with this being my first post. How do I tag someone(such as dbgolf72) in a post? I see people doing this above but could not figure it out.
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                  • Got my screen today. Looks great. Thanks!


                    • I received my screen today. Since I’m going in a different direction it is up for sale. 12x10

                      Price is what I paid plus shipping so $210 + 35ish for shipping

                      send me a PM on here or email me at


                      • Impact screen in my about post SOLD. Thanks


                        • Interested in a 15x10 if anyone is interested in selling. Shoot me a PM.