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Congrats to @Chris Stevens (NET) and @allen2be (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SPRING TOUR - Masters Tournament !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - RBC Heritage with 2 rounds at Harbour Town ProTee :
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TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Arnold Palmer Invitational

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  • TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Arnold Palmer Invitational

    3 rounds at Bay Hill Club and Lodge (Pro Tee)

    Arnold Palmer Invitational

    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    The Arnold Palmer Invitational runs from TODAY - March 18.

    Purse: $15,000,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

    Tournament Rules:

    For live play and tour talk visit ProTee TGC Discord:


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      Good God I can't hit a fairway with the driver anymore. Was hitting them good a while ago and just lost it completely lately with the massive hooks. Time for the 3 wood I think until I can figure it out
      not s bad course this week, just had an issue with one hole where you can't see anything but water on the mini map so it's tough to aim your tee shot.


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        Good course other than the water !!! I had to go out and buy some more balls !!! Its funny how the 3 wood goes straight most of the time except near has a mean hook at that time ... sploosh...hit again. And all the trees are in the wrong places, I ended up behind so many trees this time is wasn't funny !!! That being said, my game is improving from where it was before and cant wait to get out and try all this practice on the real course when they open although that is still quite a few weeks into the future yet.


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          Almost finished my first round.. after the 7th hole I hit concede hole for the 8th accidentally and had to rewind then accidentally made the putt I missedin regulation. Can someone add a stroke to my first round once I complete it.


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            Well that was fun. +15 in round 1.

            Nearly enough to make me sell the golf clubs and take up bowling.


            • Whiskeyjack
              Whiskeyjack commented
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              Hehehe.........yeah thinking of getting the new "AlleyTrak" My self. New bowling sim. ;-)

              But with the ball delay takes 8 hrs to play and it beats the crap out of my golf cage........ easy to make different bowling alleys from around the country though......

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            Was getting insanely frustrated with my skytrak the last few rounds. I can deal with the bad reads every once in a while, but lately I have been getting a bunch of 0 SS, 0 SA, 1000 BS (exactly those numbers) which were clearly hardware issues and then some that I could tell were bogus, but can't prove it. Then the no-reads started happening...almost every other shot. I was about to throw the skytrak in the garbage, but then I noticed something. I had a light bulb burned out in the garage that I replaced last week. It was casting a shadow right across my hitting zone. I removed it and everything was magically good misreads and no no-reads since. My scores showed it big time (+11 with bulb in, even with it out). Anyway, hoping this might help someone else out who is having trouble with their skytrak.


            • sb944
              sb944 commented
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              Been really happy recently with mine, behaving nicely lately. I think I was having problems in really hot and muggy conditions, I'm just not playing TGC if it's too hot now, and I'd say 95% of shots come out as they felt. Only had 2 shots last night where it felt different to how it read, and one was in warmup.

              You surely have a problem with yours.

            • kchogan
              kchogan commented
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              I'm really starting to wonder if it was all due to shadowing. My garage windows would cause the same thing as the light bulb did (both on East side of sim). I used to have make-shift curtains on the windows when I played during the day, but my wife said they make it look like we are a meth house or something, so I had to take them down. Going to try to only play after noon or so when the shadowing is gone (or put my meth curtains back up). Hoping to see some correlation!

            • frackh
              frackh commented
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              Isn't it odd that some lighting may interfere with SkyTrak? I know Seth had mentioned lighting doesn't matter for the most part, where even in darkness the unit can pick up the ball. But I noticed reflective clothing and materials can randomly cause the no-reads. No consistent rhyme or reason, some days I get zero no-reads, other days it can be rage inducing.

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            Just for clarity, I took a rewind on hole number 5. Ball speed was very high for my swing, 170'ish if I remember correctly and carry was around the 300 yard mark. It left a nice 65 yard chip onto the green so would have been able to play it quite easily but as much as I hate to admit it I can't hit the ball with 300 yards carry. Is this a common thing ?(using a Skytrak). Hopefully I have done the correct thing.


            • frodaddy00
              frodaddy00 commented
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              I was having probs with my SkyTrak a month or so ago and had a ton of rewinds; mostly out of frustration. Anyway, I received a nastygram about it so at this point I would disable rewinds if I could! I somehow set autorewind for 2-3 shots couple weeks back and was dreading another message about it. Rewinds are stressful.

            • simmb
              simmb commented
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              I am new to the tour so was very hesitant to take a rewind as I have seen the issues it causes. I didn't know what to do, I am guessing a rewind stands out more than a 300 yard drive but I know I can't carry a ball that far and in this instance it gave me an advantage. You are right though rewinds are turning out to be a stressful affair.

            • Jwheels9876
              Jwheels9876 commented
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              Should have taken the drive because at some point you're gonna hit a great hybrid from the rough that says it carried 210 on your launch monitor and it will go 120 yards in the game for some reason. Happens every few rounds to me it seems. Not sure the rough penalty should be around 80 yards on a well struck shot but life goes on.

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            Guys, I’m not trying to accuse anyone of cheating but if I message you just tell me why you took the rewinds. If I don’t agree we’ll discuss it. The new problem I’m having is I can’t keep track of who replied and who didn’t. I’ll need to create yet another spreadsheet. Lol.


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              going out of town this w/e, so played early......please let my handicapped score hold up......


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                Hi guys, All this talk about rewinds every week almost made me not take one after what I believe is hardware issue. Some of you also hack on R-motion players so I take a leap of faith here, honoring the love for a pure game that golf is.

                This is my first EVER rewind, a wise guy on this forum once said something like: simulators giveth, and simulators taketh. And thats about right I believe, i'm certainly not good enough to say if my spin rates should be more or less from shot to shot. I play because it's great getting to swing some clubs in the winter.

                My rewind was a PUTT that came from when I was placing my ball, and somehow registered a shot. Attached a picture of the shot data, PUTT nr 159 is the bad read. You clearly see that the Club Path (CP) and the Club Face (CF) is way of.

                mthunt If you judge it as a wrong move from my side, please disqualify me for this round, my intention is never to score better than I am able to. Otherwise I hope i made the right call.
                and thanks for all that you do every week. I dont think people understand what kind of work you and other admins put into this.


                • mthunt
                  mthunt commented
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                  This is what rewinds are for. Situations like this happen. In reall golf if the balls falls off of the tee before addressing you put it back on the tee no stroke. Same thing. THere is no issue here.

                • G4zzel
                  G4zzel commented
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                  Great! Thanks again

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                wow, just looked at ksman's data.....he likey rewindey! i guess that's why he's -36 handicap now.


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                  I don't think that Ksman is on the likey rewindey team. He has been on the tour for quite some time and regularly records and posts his rounds. It looks like he gave up and was practicing 80 yard approach shots while still on the tee. We all used to practice on the first tee before playing the round..... but now we encourage players to visit a driving range before playing a tour round. It doesn't make sense that he would hit 70 mph shots while on the tee of a 400 yard hole. He also has a problem with the putter registering additional strokes. I have seen Ksman play, and I can assure you that from 5 yards away he would not be putting 40mph..... obvious glitch in his GC2 or shot recording. Not too sure why he is a -36 unless there has been some sort of automation added to rewind checking. Or perhaps he shut off shot recording for whatever reason. No need to banish Ksman quite yet. @ Ksman...... why are you putting 40mph ....... against the wind????


                  • apeppin
                    apeppin commented
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                    ah, my bad, i thought he was being punished by the mods.

                  • keither5150
                    keither5150 commented
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                    No worries,

                  • keither5150
                    keither5150 commented
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                    I should add that anyone checking data for rewinds needs to put the data together with the scorecard. I once got an 11 or 12 on the last hole of a tour round. At quick glance it would seem that I was cheating. I was just playing poorly and compounded that by making bad decisions. Each shot in the water put me back at the original hitting position. So these would look like rewinds.

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                  Why is it I always figure out what's wrong with my swing AFTER I play my tournament round!!. Couple water balls and a possible eagle try from 20 feet that turned into a par cost me a few but I'll take it considering I couldn't hit a straight shot the whole round.


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                    Anybody having trouble with round today? Never had a round like this before. Well struck drives going 1-2 yds. 20 yd chips going over 200 yds.... Driving me nuts. Anyway I have rewinds out the ass on my 3rd round


                    • Genghis
                      Genghis commented
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                      We once had a problem with our ST in which it had a misread and then would apply the previous data to the next shot... Driver (misread), Driver (actual first driver data), 7 iron (second driver data - way long for my normal 7), 9 iron (data for my 7), etc... had to reboot everything to reset.

                    • apeppin
                      apeppin commented
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                      I have something similar happen w my skytrak, was terrified it was broken bc one of my drunken buddies plowed a drive right into the side of the unit the night before. I restarted the unit and TGC, and it worked fine after that.

                    • Timdm3
                      Timdm3 commented
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                      Keither thanks for affirming numbers. It was indeed making me lose my mind. Worst of it was I would take a rewind, exit game to fix problem, but upon re-entry of game it would put me back at my last misread shot and still count the last stroke.

                      Around the 5th hole I finally rebooted everything. After that everything was working just fine. Think I added 10+ yds to a few drives after that point just from pure frustration.

                      Great course though. That was a fun few rounds.