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TGC Tour Handicap Calculation

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    Originally posted by FaultyClubs View Post

    I'm not disagreeing since you have good points, but real life scoring is strongly affected by the short game and putting, both I find significantly harder on a SIM. Especially when switching regularly between SIM and real golf. I don't know the answer but to me it isn't a given that SIM handicaps *should* be 2-4 shots better than IRL. If they were the same it wouldn't be obviously wrong IMO.
    I'm just curious but what platform do you use? I think it's ProTee sensors isn't it?


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      i haven't played IRL in 4 years. When I played regularly, I was a 12, down to 10.5 at one point, but it was all on a very flat muni and I believe I played to more like a 15.

      Along these lines, I would love to have a couple of feature in future releases.

      - Option to turn off the built-in penalty system. I have FW, first cut & rough surfaces that I can hit from in my simulator, but that would be double-jeopardy with the built-in penalties already in place. This is for non-tour play of course.

      - Option to declare an HC round, with the round being tracked on the player profile page. The second part of this one could be moot if the next release supports multiple tee boxes and the HC system & course ratings get somehow fixed to something more realistic. If so, the TGC HC's might become useful. But, I would still like to declare HC rounds vs. practice rounds. I get the feeling it would work better if the rounds where tracked here under the tour HC system though.


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        Some interesting numbers to consider when we get to course ratings.

        Par, Yards, top 10%, Median, Mean, bottom 10%

        NGLA 72, 6,514, 70.6, 81.0, 82.5, 102.5
        Oceanic Athletic Club 72, 6,777, 70.8, 83.0, 84.7, 105.2
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          Hi, in the 2 round tournaments if someone had a handicap of 2.4, shouldn't the playing handicap be calculated for each single round instead of over the two rounds? I.e you should have a playing HC of 2 for each round totalling 4 shots for the 2 rounds, looking at the tournament results it looks like you get 2.4 x 2 = 4.8 = playing handicap of 5 over the 2 rounds?


          • andygg1986
            andygg1986 commented
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            You are correct in how your handicap is multiplied by 2 and then applied to the combined score for both rounds. Personally I like that, although I'm not sure if there is a USGA rule for applying handicaps to tournament rounds. If you were to do it the other way, you would see 2 shot swings from fractional handicap improvements. For example, going from 2.6 to 2.4 would cost you 2 shots in the tournament. The way it is now, a fractional improvement in your handicap can only affect your tournament score by 1 shot. It is already pretty tight at the top of most leaderboards so changing would definitely move people up or down.

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          I just finished q school and wondering when/how I find out what my tour HC is and who posts it etc. I can see my TGC handicap is 24 (which makes no sense to me since most of my rounds are in the 70's). I am guessing the handicap committee determines our Tour HC? Looking forward to joining the tour!


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            Tour handicaps will update every Tuesday around 11am CET+1. See your tour profile on
            TGC Tours: