TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Michael Stuewe winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Tournament of Champions !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open with 2 rounds at The Baltasar Springfield NJ - 6662y :
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TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Sony Open Hawaii

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  • TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Sony Open Hawaii

    2 rounds at The Baltasar, Spingfiled NJ, Baltasar Tees 6652yds

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    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    The Sony Open in Hawaii runs from TODAY - January 15.

    Purse: $6,500,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

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      Well I tried to get a round in this morning before work. The disconnects were OUTRAGEOUS. I had nine disconnects through 18 holes. Nine times I had to completely shut the game down and turn it back on (restore function did not work). I've had the TGC software basically since it was released for SkyTrak and I have NEVER had an issue with it until last week. Now it is on the verge of unusable. This is NOT good for something that was $1,000 to purchase.

      I need to do a test to see if this is happening just in multi-player live play and tournament play. I have not played just a regular round to see if this happens. VERY frustrating though.

      Round was frustrating too. These greens are so slow if you have any kind of an uphill lie. I burned the edge of one putt and literally left two putts right on the edge of the cup. UGH.

      Hoping for a smoother round 2.


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        I feel your pain. It just ruins the whole tournament experience and frustrates the crap out of you. Especially when you have a good streak going and then lose it all and of course it saves the crappy performance you follow up with!


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          It is really strange why only a handful of us are having these issues. I'm hoping to get some testing done today if I can find the time. I've only had this happen during the events but I haven't tried group play and I don't just play rounds very often. I did complete a full 18 on solo play on KPC Beta as a test and it was fine.


          • andygg1986
            andygg1986 commented
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            I haven't been able to finish a tournament the last couple of weeks because the disconnects are so bad. Last night I hit 88 shots and was still on the fourth hole because it kept sending me back almost to where I started. I have sent Protee the log files multiple times and they remoted into my computer but haven't been able to figure it out yet. They did suggest running the game at a low resolution in a smaller window and sent me a utility to run at the same time that probes their server ports and reports response time and jitter. I would suggest that anyone having these issues contact them and get the utility. If more of us are giving them useful data, it should make it easier for them to figure out what is going on.

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          Plus... They moved Hawaii to NJ!!!
          Getting booted is very frustrating.
          Oddly we played yesterday for 4 hours pretty seamlessly.
          I did hang up on a short putt that just wouldn't register. Jumped out & jumped back in and made the putt!!!


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            Just started a new thread to report connection lost issues.
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            • Fieldygolf
              Fieldygolf commented
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              Hi protee my round didnt record the shots for the first round of the sony open. When i look on my profile on here there are no shots that have recorded for the first round. I have recorded the round on my iphone but really want to see the shot data. Any clus as i havent made any changes and they have been recording for ages now but no data for this round.

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            MainStGolf sorry to hear about your disconnect issues.

            I have been sitting at home all day waiting for inspectors so got a chance to get both rounds in. Played 36 straight with no connection issues at all. I'm in NJ so maybe home field turf helped for this tourney.


            • MainStGolf
              MainStGolf commented
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              ROFLMBO - Glad no issues for the homer towner :-). I'm not sure Kingman, Kansas is big enough to host an event :-)

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            Played part of the 1st round today before power tripped out, not a bad thing as back was getting sore. Had to take a rewind on the 1st green as my 1st putt had a launch angle of 36.5 degrees which was a little high considering my putter is normally around 1 degrees


            • Cklguy2013
              Cklguy2013 commented
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              Did you happen to hit the "-" key by mistake? It is right above the "p" key and I know my fat fingers have made that mistake before.

            • colinjm18
              colinjm18 commented
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              Definitely had putter selected and used putter, it was just very random.

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            dig this course, but probably only because ive picked up some driver yardage lately. didnt notice anything goofey about the green speed. pretty pissed i doubled 2 par 5's


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              lol, i think these may be the easiest par 5's we've played since i joined the tour.

              +7 on the par 5's. just killed me, lol, golf is dumb


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                Practice round today went ok. +12. Of course my 14 yo beat me by 2 and he bogied the 18th. As the optimist I hope to shoot a net under par on this course. It is fair but you have to keep it straight.


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                  Got through my first round pretty good, couldn't make a putt but hit my driver pretty well.
                  Glad to see this course come up on tour. I'm fortunate to have a friend at Baltusrol so I've played it a few times, it's fantastic in real life and nicely respresented on TGC.
                  I've played the upper course a couple times also, I'll have to look around TGC for it.


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                    Vincent_Vega - 60? Wow, nice playing man.


                    • keither5150
                      keither5150 commented
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                      I shot a 60 once, but then I decided to finish the last 4 holes.

                    • GarySatterwhite
                      GarySatterwhite commented
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                      I hear that.

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                    Played 9 holes yesterday and front nine is very nice. Looking forward to the back nine today. No issues with game play.