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Simulator Pictures

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  • Simulator Pictures

    Post pictures of your Protee golf simulator room or setup.

  • I thought I would post a pic of my Simulator. It's a little different that others, but works in the space I had.


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      • Taylor40299
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        Very clean setup. Looks great. Is that a 4K projector?

    • Have not been here in a while, been building this.


      • Still a little bit more to go but almost done.


        • Wow! I am brand new and didn't realize simulators could be a home based thing! This thread is fantastic... got me dreaming.


          • Some great looking sims there!


            • First of, this forum is awsome! All you guys building your own sims are amazing. My journey started with a cheap net and hitting mat and has evolved to a garage sim with r-motion TGC simulator. I'm a medium to high handicapper (HCP 23) and just became a father in may so I dont have the time to golf as much, I wanted to hit some golfballs in my backyard. After I found this forum just browsing the internet for home-golf setups i took the plunge to try building my own sim. My setup is a really low-budget golf sim thats in the making. I'll post some more high res pictures when I'm up and running. I haven't really got the chance to try out my sim yet.
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              • G4zzel
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                As an update to this post I did in 2017.
                Now at the end of summer season here in Sweden I Have progressed amazingly on the turf!
                This year i broke 90! Never Done that before. My HCP is down to 16 and I’ve never played better.
                On the SIM side I Have now upgraded to Skytrak and built version 2.0 of my sim setup. Will post a new post here When its all finished

            • Finally got my sim basement up and running. Couldn't be happier.

              (Not sure why it's upside down)

              Room dimensions: 15'6 width, 20' length, 10'6 ceiling height

              Golf Simulator : Foresight GC2

              Hitting Turf: Country Club Elite 10x5, placed 12' from screen

              Putting Turf: Pro Putt Systems, 15x27 bulk turf

              Screen: premium screen, directly from mill. 24x10 screen converted to 20x12

              Archery Netting (behind screen): West Coast Netting, Archery-W 14'6x11

              Memory Foam (behind archery netting): 2x4" king mattress toppers

              Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, King

              Desktop PC: Powerspec G350


              Intel Core i7-7700K Processor 4,2GHz
              · NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 8GB GDDR5X VR Ready
              · 16GB DDR4-3000 RAM
              · 480GB Solid State Drive

              Software: Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf
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              • G4zzel
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                Nice! Where did you find the mini-bag?

              • cooke23
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                He stole it from a local country club of course. Everyone knows that trick. 😀

              • jcolton31
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                I got the mini bag on eBay. I think they are called "Den Caddy"'s

            • Made some improvements to the above system, I added a receiver and a surround sound system to hookup to the laptop. I run the Xfinity app and we now can watch movies in HD surround sound. I can now switch between the upper TV and the big screen, this past weekend we hit into the football game and played the sim on the TV, was fun.


              • Oh yeah also had to add this to the side of my enclosure!!!


                • Quick pic of mine in my garage. Cannot wait to build out a better system in a different house at some point. But I am actually very happy with this setup. I need to figure out a solution for putting as it is not great dropping off the CCE mat onto the cement. Takes all of 2-3 minutes to put everything away so I can park my cars in the garage.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2603.JPG
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                  5X5 CCE Mat
                  Net Return Pro
                  55 inch Amazon TV
                  Tripod stand
                  Asus Predator Gaming Laptop


                  • costby
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                    Awesome garage setup, didn't you do a video on you tube awhile back?

                • low cost simulator (outdoor) skytrak set up total cost all inclusive £2250 I will be adding a screen and projector for evenings priced up at around £250 in total pics to follow, great for practice, love it


                  • Newest install from Protee UK Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20180204_192428834.jpg
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                    • V2.0 of my sim room: new screen (raw mill), new projector GT1080darbee, new side panels (cut carpet runner).

                      I still want to add ceiling baffles and cut the carpet out for a dedicated golf turf setup from hitting position to the screen, but I’m hesitant until I find the perfect solution.




                      • We used a large role of cheap but strong Matt black suit fabric and stapled ( industrial staples) it in U shapes to roofing batons UUUU
                        it looks awesome and stops flop shots dead.
                        Will post a pic when back.
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