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GC2 Megaflash

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  • GC2 Megaflash

    I have a batch of flashes assembled, tested, and ready to go. I have worked with Tretee on the JNPG forum on this design. He is a very skilled engineer with extensive flash design experience and test equipment. Here are the highlights of the new design.
    1.) It will definitely work with serial numbers 4200 and above
    - This is the point when Foresight started shipping their newest driver circuit board. The new driver can handle more current than the old one. The Foresight Superflash requires the newest driver board because it uses a larger bulb that needs more current to flash. The Megaflash uses less current than a Superflash but more than the old style, so to be safe I am saying 4200 and above.
    - If you have a lower serial number and are interested in testing the Megaflash send me a PM for more info.
    2.) It comes with a 1 year warranty
    - If it stops working within the first year I will send you a new circuit board that goes inside the housing for free. Foresight's Superflash has a prorated 1 year warranty
    - I expect it to last several years in a personal-use setting.
    3.) The case has been designed to be reusable
    - It is 3D printed on a $200k industrial printer for the highest quality print that I could find. It has a matte texture but no visible layers or extrusions like personal printers
    - It has a glass infrared filter instead of a plastic one
    - The back can be removed to put a new circuit board in
    4.) It has a life expectancy on par with the Superflash.
    - During longevity testing, we were able to run a bulb for over 2 million flashes which equates to 200k shots.
    - Each flash is tested for brightness on a light meter that I built to be brighter than the old design for reliable readings
    5.) A complete module costs $150.
    - If you bought one of my other designs, I will give you $10 off a new one.
    - Please add $10 for shipping to the UK and understand that it will take about 2 weeks to arrive. I can ship faster but cost will go up significantly.
    6.) Additional circuit boards for inside will be $100/piece.
    - I am going to hold off on selling extra boards until I can get everyone who is interested a complete module

    To purchase a flash, please send Paypal to Include your shipping address and forum username in the notes please. I will post when the first batch is gone. I have parts to build more so I will be replenishing my stock as they sell. If you have any questions, please post them below since other people may have the same question.
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  • You would've ended up going to foresight and getting gouged on pricing
    Originally posted by tim2372 View Post
    Not sure what i would have done without his help.


    • Since I’ve got more time at home to build flashes, and a lot of us are playing more simulator golf, I’m going to reduce the price for replacement flash internal boards from $100 to $75. You still need to have bought one complete megaflash for $150, but you can reuse the plastic enclosure and just replace the internal board when it wears out. Unfortunately, I can only offer this price in the US because shipping internationally costs quite a bit, but I will still give a proportional discount for international orders. As always, you can send payment with PayPal to and include your shipping address in the notes.


      • andygg1986 Hi Andy. I am in need of one of your mega flashes - the complete module. Do you ship to Canada? If so, how much would the complete cost be including shipping? Thanks!


        • andygg1986
          andygg1986 commented
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          Yes I can ship them to Canada. I will PM you to get your address though. Certain areas of Canada cost considerably more to ship to in my experience.

        • mthunt
          mthunt commented
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          I'm in canada and have received 3 flashes from Andy.

      • Hey Andy,

        I need one of your flashes, I am located in South Dakota. Do you know how much everything would cost with shipping?


        • andygg1986
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          Hi Lucas, they are $150 with PayPal to I ship with priority mail so it probably will take 3 days to get there

      • Andy, shipping to The Netherlands possible? Complete flash unit


        • andygg1986
          andygg1986 commented
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          Yes, I can do FedEx to the Netherlands for $185 USD. It should take 3-5 business days, although with the current situation it might be a day or two longer.