TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Thundergolf (NET and GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - ProTee Open Hawaii !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - CareerBuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer) Thursday :
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TGC 2018 Spring Tour - ATT Byron Nelson

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  • TGC 2018 Spring Tour - ATT Byron Nelson

    2 rounds at TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas (6,800)


    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    The ATT Byron Nelson runs from TODAY - May 20.

    Purse: $7,500,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

    Tournament Rules:

    For live play and tour talk visit ProTee TGC Discord:

    TGC Tours:

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    TGC Tours:


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      *Warning* Stupidly fast greens that react like nothing like the normal.

      I gave up after 6 holes - not fun.


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        I wonder if there is something wrong with the tournament entry. The course itself should be fine. I also thought when playing on the sim the firmness and speed are always overwritten? I know this was a last min course change to be on the actual course the tournament use to be played on. It's a very tough course but nothing has been done on purpose to trick up anything whatsoever...

        I will play my rounds soon and see if they play like they did when I was designing it. It actually should play very much like Sawgrass, tight fairways and small greens.


        • triplebogeysrbetter
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          Great job and thank you for the work on the design.

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        Hey - I should add - not complaining or having a go at anyone - just wasn't enjoying love every thing that folks do here.

        I wasn't using driver to keep the noise down (late night play with young ones) but even using 3 wood and getting it out their at 240/250 it felt looonnnggg

        couple of chips I played seemed to release out like crazy, then I would face a DOWNHILL put coming back ! Lol
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        • StormGolf73
          StormGolf73 commented
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          none taken. I just want to make sure it's playing as it should. Yes it's a hard track, played in real life a few times myself in tournament conditions! Prob one reason it wasn't well attended by the top pros, right after The Players, as it's two realy tough tracks back to back...tight fairways and small greens.

          If you can keep it in the fairways and on the right sections of the small greens you can score...but that is asking alot! lol.

          I might mention the tour plays this as 7,200+ and #3 is a 500+ yard par 4!

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        For the green speed make sure you have TGC 3.5 installed. This version overrides the green speeds during the tournaments.
        TGC Tours:


        • dg_1983
          dg_1983 commented
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          Thanks! Remind me on how to check my version and where the latest downloads are? I'm sure I have latest version.

          Does anyone else have issues when loading TGC and getting "offline connection" error? I need to restart the game a couple times to get it online. Very odd and driving me nuts. The network connection on the PC is good and firewall off - very odd that it happens every time and a game restart fixes it......

        • dagratest816
          dagratest816 commented
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          is this for everyone? like skytrak users should have 3.5 TGC installed as well? or is this specific to protee?

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        Played a regular round yesterday and didn't find anything weird about the greens being too fast. I do have the latest TGC version installed. Hit a few GIR and didn't have any problems with the ball rolling off the back of the green like older versions of TGC.


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          Just played a tournament round and the greens seemed normal to me. My putts missed the hole at the same speed they do every week.


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            Lucky ones like this drops the score real quick. (209yds slightly uphill) Man is this course long at par 70. Chip/pitch shots saved at least 6 strokes easily.


            • R3dlineR6
              R3dlineR6 commented
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              Nice shot wbond! -3 with 5 GIR is incredible...short game must have been on fire as well

            • triplebogeysrbetter
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              Great shot!!!

            • wbond
              wbond commented
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              Yep, pretty much all short game, easily could have been a lot worse. Not to adept at hitting greens, short game always gets a workout.

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            3 chip-ins for par in the second round and hit my wedges well. I only had 20 putts total in the second round.


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              Enjoy this "short" one, the next 2 are at 7200 and 7400 yards lol.


              • therock21
                therock21 commented
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                Next week is a 7200 yard par 70, yikes. haha.

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              JackedUpSwing Here is a thread about the settings in TGC that I used. Can't remember if i further modified them after this.


              • triplebogeysrbetter
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                I turned the water setting to 0. Doesn't look as good, but I figured Im not playing for the waterfront view. It's increased mine from 55 FPS to around 70. I was able to bump up the tree setting. Constantly at 59-62 now.

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              Wow. Long Track for me. Driver-3 wood every hole is no fun.


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                Originally posted by ProTee United View Post
                For the green speed make sure you have TGC 3.5 installed. This version overrides the green speeds during the tournaments.
                Hey - could someone advise re version 3.5?


                • BSCampbell
                  BSCampbell commented
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                  Yes, please advise. Where to we go to install the latest version?

                • imflynn13
                  imflynn13 commented
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                  Yeah I'm confused there a difference between TGC 3.5 and the SDK version that you can see under the Skytrak settings/config file?

                  For instance TGC itself says I have 3.0.0
                  Under the Skytrak settings file I have SDK Version 3.0.2 (which was the one that allowed you to edit the green stimp, firmness, etc)

                  Which one is supposed to be updated? Or both? And where/how do we do those updates?
                  Last edited by imflynn13; 05-17-2018, 03:25 PM.

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                This is what I got from Support.

                3.0.2 is a server patch. The TGC dashboard will not update. This is still 3.0.0.
                TGC dashboard is for non-skytrak systems, which works like your TGC for SkyTrak interface which also has it's own version.

                The version that matters to SkyTrak users is shown in the SkyTrak settings file.

                3.5 is something different, this will update the game, the server and the TGC dashboard.

                These updates and patches are not required updates.