TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @allen2be (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - The Players Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - Valspar Championship with 2 rounds at New Mississaugua G&CC white :
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TGC 2018 Spring Tour - Fort Worth Invitational

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  • TGC 2018 Spring Tour - Fort Worth Invitational

    2 rounds at Colonial CC (beta)

    Colonial CC

    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    The Fort Worth Invitational runs from TODAY - May 27.

    Purse: $7,500,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

    Tournament Rules:

    For live play and tour talk visit ProTee TGC Discord:


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      Wow....that was a rare red zone treat....170-190 into small elevates greens. Admittedly I hit alot of 3 woods out to 240/250 but many there wasn't less than a 7iron into any greens I don't recall. Not a wedge work out.


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        I’ve wanted to play each week. Weeks like this one make it not fun. Don’t really understand the reason for a 7200 par 70. Between the course and the skytrak non reads I was ready to throw them all out of the garage.
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          I tried the first 9 holes, and gave up.

          I dont like how the course selection has been recently. One problem with having a bunch of easy courses and then a bunch of hard courses, is that your handicap goes down faster than it will go up. I am playing at 1.5 now on this tour. My real-life handicap is actually 18. Trying to play a 7200 yard course, at my skill level, with only 1.5 strokes, is not enjoyable!

          And even totally forgetting about the score, its just not fun to play these really difficult courses for an 18 handicap.


          • Jwheels9876
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            Yeah, 7200 yards is ridiculous but not as ridicoulous as next weeks 7400 Haha..

            I can't see how to play it unless you hit 280+ off the Tee. I'm around like 260 after rollout with no boost and having 220 in on my second shot into a par 4 is just plain painful. Driver 3 wood 7 times a round, no thanks.

          • R3dlineR6
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            IMO...the problem with not playing these tougher courses and not posting higher scores is that your handicap will remain lower than it should be. Not a big deal for me since I don't really care about the net tour anyway.

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          I don't mind playing the 7k courses now and then. Let's us know we shouldn't be quitting our day jobs. As long as the long courses are accurate recreatios I think it's fair game and gives a realistic chance at the scratch golfers on winning net score.


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            I was trying out a major swing change last night, so decided to just do a practice round. The swing change was working for consistency, but not for power, so I was finding myself a long way back for approach shots to small protected greens. Unless I was the utmost of precision, this course is mainly a test of chipping and bunker play for me.

            I'm thinking rather than competing this week, I might practice my swing change at the US Open course. I notice it's not Shinnecock on our tour, is that not available?


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              We try to have a mix of long and short with a leaning toward accurate courses. Of the 11 on this tour 3 are over 7k. There just happens to be 2 in a row. Both are accurate and a shorter version wasn’t available. Murifiled is really good. Sorry if you don’t like the choices.


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                I think the problem is that many of the 7k+ courses that are selected are horrible for playing. Doesn't matter how accurate it is, when par is below 72, very tight, trees or water everywhere there are very few who think it will be enjoyable or worth playing. When many say they are not even going to play or finish, its a swing and a miss and I don't think this is the intention or good for the tour. Most people, even on a sim cannot play 7K yard courses. If you want to even the field with longer courses in the mix, they should at least still be playable for all. Kapalua is a great example of this.


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                  I don't mind a challenging long course but those few scores posted so far are scaring me. You have negative handicap folks with huge numbers... *gulp*


                  • Tommyseb
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                    don't take my round as to any indication as to how tough it was, first time playing TGC in a while and i was just hitting hybrid off the tee... probably not the course to try that on lol... i wasn't really paying attention and must have popped about 6 balls in the drink on the 200yard par 3... you know you're having a terrible round when John the commentator stops telling you how many over par you are... guess they didn't think to record mid 20's and up lol...

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                  The 11 courses average out to 6700 yards. That's not terrible but these next few are gonna be tough.

                  next year we won't have these issues when hopefully all the great courses get ported over to TGC PGA 2019 and we get tee box selections!!


                  • triplebogeysrbetter
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                    Can I switch my gender and age now?

                  • mthunt
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                    Exactly. TGC2019 will solve all of this.

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                  frodaddy00 - hahaha yes I did have a high score on my second round. Was spraying my drives left and right...just couldn't find my swing or limit it to a 1 way miss, one of the worst round I've had in a while. In my opinion the issue with this course is actually not it's length. My main problem with this course is when you hit a good drive in the fairway or just a little bit off and there are trees branches that overhang the fairway in front and catch your ball...then it drops straight down. That happened to me a lot for some reason (Was trying punch shots but it would still catch some of the branches). The greens are back to normal and very receptive, speed is normal as well...however lots of greens have pretty big slopes on them making it hard to sink putts. I'm sure there will be a few good rounds posted but I would be suprised if someone manages to break par! Good luck to'll need it !!


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                    I think what I've felt about this course and last week what that they had every tough aspect that can be thrown in.

                    Long - tick
                    Low par - tick
                    Narrow fairways - tick
                    over hanging trees - tick
                    Silly overhanging trees in front of tee box - tick
                    Elevated upturned saucer greens well protected with bunkers - tick
                    ​​​​​​200 yard carry par3 front pins over water - tick

                    Bunkers with 100 foot high faces (my pet SIM hate) - tick

                    Tee balls that force a lay uo at 250 or bomb 280 - tick
                    170-200 into par 4s all day - tick

                    ​​​​what it doesn't have

                    Wide open fairways - no tick
                    Huge accepting greens - no tick
                    Short par 5s - no tick
                    Short par 4s - no tick
                    wedge work out - no tick
                    Flat putts - no tick

                    Love every minute of being able to golf in my back garden though!


                    • triplebogeysrbetter
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                      Amen! One non tick is yelling in the garage and no one can hear me.

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                    I liked this one. Super tough, but you have half a chance if you play well. Nice to have a variety. Will be happy if I can shoot my real life handicap of 15 in the second round


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                      Really struggled this week and last. Only hit 2 GIR in 54 holes - I just cant reach in regulation! But it does make you think more about course management and focused me on scrambling. I made my target more realistic and aimed for bogey on every hole getting 13/18 in bogey. From that I feel I can at least takes some positives away, even if my score is not competitive. In fact my first round last week was possibly one of my best, just ruined by 2 blobs, but again I can take confidence from the rest. You just have to re-align your expectations.


                      • Jwheels9876
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