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How to turn on SHOT RECORDING

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  • How to turn on SHOT RECORDING

    Shot Recording is a Tournament feature. In order to use shot recording you must have a tournament user profile.
    Play at least 1 live tournament event or official Q-School event in order for your tournament user profile to be created on .

    TGC includes a SETTINGS file.

    You can edit this file using the TGC Dashboard.
    Skytrak users have a shortcut icon installed on the Windows Desktop: SkyTrak TGC Settings.

    Important: Make sure the server or any other interface program is not running.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	dashboard.jpg Views:	1 Size:	155.2 KB ID:	89551

    This settings file contains a section: [TGC Online].
    Here you find:

    Shot Recording=OFF

    1] Turn on Shot Recording by changing Shot Recording=OFF to Shot Recording=ON. Save the file.

    2] Copy the USER ID.

    3] Edit your Forum user profile and paste the USER ID in the field: TGC User ID.

    4] Edit the field TGC Nickname in your forum user profile. Make sure its EXACTLY the same as the nickname you use in TGC (case sensitive).

    5] Save you forum profile and hit a couple of test shots on a random course.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	forumprofile.jpg Views:	1 Size:	37.7 KB ID:	89552

    You will find the recordings on under your tour player profile.

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    Originally posted by mthunt View Post
    A lot of people do it wrong. You must follow every step and if you have a skytrak you need to open the other dashboard. You cannot take short cuts. If it doesn't work open a ticket with ProTee
    I definitely followed all the steps. my user id is copied and pasted from that file to my account here where it is supposed to be. I double checked my tgc username as well.
    how do I open a ticket with protee?
    I personally think it is because I'm not even a choice on the tour players list


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      You are listed on the tour site, but your forum profile is not showing your TGC User ID. Its showing your real name.
      In the settings file you find your user id. Looks like: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

      Copy/paste this User ID (not to be confused with your user name) into your forum profile field: TGC User ID.


      • Youngsun Kim
        Youngsun Kim commented
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        Hi. Does TGC have short game skills for like PG and OCT. gc2hmt user. thanks.

      • ProTee United
        ProTee United commented
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        TGC 2019 -> Yes. An awesome alternative with lots of skill challenges including combine:

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      lol. i told you I did it all right lol.

      i'll fix it tonight. sorry for being a dumbdumb


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        Trust me when I say you're not the only one


        • #20
          thanks for being patient. its all figured out now damn newbies


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            I just fixed my profile for the TGC user ID. I can't look up my name on, but if I click on my name from the q-school rankings thread, I can go to my profile and see that it recorded shots for a non-tour round. Will it automatically fix itself over time with a sync, or do I need to do anything else? Also, is it catastrophic to the server if I change my TGC user name?


            • mthunt
              mthunt commented
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              If you've hit shots and they aren't showing up the setup had an error.

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            Hey guys - I'm new to the forum and am having trouble getting shot recording working with my Skytrak and TGC.. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong because I've entered the USER ID from the settings file into my profile here on the forum and my nickname in game is also entered in my profile. Every time I try a couple shots my profile doesn't show on the simulator tours website. Any help or ideas?


            • FirGir
              FirGir commented
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              Just to confirm, you've followed all five steps listed at the top of page one of this post, including making sure your server or any other interface is not running, and you're also saving your changes?

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            Yes ill redo it though to be sure


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              Just re set up everything made sure tgc interfaces were closed before configuring and played a little bit of the tournament. Still no shots recorded


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                Originally posted by and0pand0 View Post
                Just re set up everything made sure tgc interfaces were closed before configuring and played a little bit of the tournament. Still no shots recorded
                With Skytrak there are two TGC dashboards. You need to make sure you're in the right one.


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                  I checked the tgc interface settings and used the machine ID for the user ID in my forum profile and that didnt work either (i know the instructions dont say to do that but I thought it was worth a shot..). Im all out of ideas.. Theres the settings file on my desktop which ive opened and turned shot recording=ON, ive copied my user ID and put it in my profile under user id, my nickname in game is and0pand0 so I'm just striking out at this point.. How do i file a support claim with protee?


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                    Okay turns out its recording I just cant find my name in the list at the golftours website... I have to click my name from the tournament list


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                      ProTee United sorry, I must be thick - tried may times and can't get it to work. My full name is in the settings file - should I use that? I've pasted the id, matched all nicknames...thanks


                      • awisnia
                        awisnia commented
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                        ProTee United sorry, tried that name before and didn't seem to work so I matched everything to my forum name - seems good now. Many thanks!

                      • ProTee United
                        ProTee United commented
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                        Mike, we changed your settings. All should be ok now. Make sure your player name in TGC is mikeingp and stays that way.

                      • mikeingp
                        mikeingp commented
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                        Seems to be working fine now, Thanks!

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                      Played 2 rounds for Qschool, i see my name on the tour players list but I don't see any recordings. Help Protee.


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                        I'm having an issue as well I think, using Skytrak. My Nickname, Forum Name are all the same. I pasted my member ID into the setting file. I have the server started in the TGC dashboard, then in the Skytrak Connector dashboard I have my member ID and my Nickname is the same as "Justin Cook". On the tour site, I don't see my name listed. I haven't played a tour event yet though I was just looking for my non tour recording.