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How to turn on SHOT RECORDING

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    Originally posted by WalksAus View Post

    I was in the same boat and I have worked out that every time I close my comutor down the TGC skytrak settings file puts my name back from Walks to my full name that I used to purchase it. I changed it several times now and it always defaults back so I have identified this as the cause. If I update it prior to playing every time it works.

    protee do you have a solution for this? Also on the Tour it lists me as American and not an Aussie.
    Thanks for the tip.....I checked my settings file again and it had my full name in there. I must have forgot to save the file the first time I changed it. It seems to be tracking my shots now. I wonder if I have to replay the first round of q-school since it didn't record any of those shots.


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      The name in your settings file is your registration name and can not be changed.

      You need to change your name in TGC (edit player). Then make sure this name (in TGC using edit player) + the user ID you find in the settings file go into your forum profile.

      Change your name in TGC (edit player) BEFORE you play any tours/events and stick with it. It can not be changed during an event.

      You need to play at least 1 round (Q-School or Live Event) before your name gets listed and before shot recording will work.

      When you're listed and shot recording work we can change your flag.
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        I have got everything set up right but still can't change my country as it seems to default to USA. I am using Skytrak. Help needed to fix the issue.


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          ProTee United I am having issues getting my shot recording on. I tried to follow everything as best I could, but I still dont see my name on the tour player list to verify shot recording is on


          • ProTee United
            ProTee United commented
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            Our helpdesk replied to this. You need to play a tour round or q-school first in order for your tour account to be created.

          • sturonek
            sturonek commented
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            Thanks Protee for the very quick response! ***NOTE to anyone trying to join***** The directions above were a little confusing because it said "5] Save you forum profile and HIT A COUPLE SHOTS ON A RANDOM COURSE". I played a random course, but shots were not showing up. Per the response from Protee, you need to play either Q school or a tour round for your account to even get created.

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          I decided to join the tour and play a few holes of q school today. I turned in shot recording but I don’t see my nickname under your players to check it I have any recorded shots. Any suggestions on what to check?

          thanks in advance.


          • CDeGuzman
            CDeGuzman commented
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            I just saw this on one of the posts above...

            "You need to play at least 1 round (Q-School or Live Event) before your name gets listed and before shot recording will work."

            Sounds like i have to complete 1 round before my name gets listed.

            Is this true? I read in the first post "... hit a couple of test shots on a random course..."

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          Look yourself up in the tour site and click recorded shots.


          • CDeGuzman
            CDeGuzman commented
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            I checked here
            and didn't see my user.

            Just to make everything the same, i have registered a new username in this forum to match my TGC nickname. and added the User ID and TGC Nickname to the new forum user settings. I will try to play a few holes again later.

            I just wanted to confirm whether i have to play an entire round as quoted in one of the comments or a few shots is ok per the initial post on this thread.


          • mthunt
            mthunt commented
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            You only need one shot if its on.

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          You need to play at least 1 event round (Q-School for example) for your account to be created. This is an automated process. After that your shots will be logged.
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