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Congrats to @Gary Satterwhite winning the TGC 2017 Summer Tour - PGA Championship !

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TGC Match Play - 2016 Open Flight

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  • TGC Match Play - 2016 Open Flight

    Attached is the bracket. Here's the instructions and rules:

    Step 1:
    -Reach out to your opponent via Private Message on this forum.
    -Set up a 2 hour window to play
    -Please ensure your name in TGC is the same as it is in this bracket. If not, let your opponent know.
    -Decide who is starting the game and inviting the other in the match

    Step 2:
    -Add each other as friends in TGC using TGC nickname
    -This is done at the start up screen where "start server" and "start game" is by clicking the icon with 3 heads then add your opponent.
    -Both have to do it

    Step 3:
    -decide on a method of communication
    -You can text, whatsapp, teamspeak, phone each other or use the new discord method. If you don't agree, we default to TeamSpeak
    -Here's TeamSpeak login

    Server Address:
    Server Password:

    Step 4:
    -Both players enter TGC and go to main screen where you click play
    -Both players need to set their handicap to 0. This is done by hitting play round then hitting edit on your player. There's a spot called "set handicap". Set it to 0 then save then back out to main screen if you are not the host..
    -The host player now enters the match by clicking the little arrow in the first box that defaults to "Stroke Play". Set it to "Online Match Play" (has to be online) then "advance". Click "all courses" then enter the following course in the text box:

    Pine Valley ProTee Championship Tees by Craig118

    -start the round as you normally do then select "OPEN". You are in the lobby. Your playing partner should be listed there. Click on him and it'll invite him to the tee. Just start your game from there.
    -Before hitting a shot, both players now need to click settings, turn order, set to on. This will allow you to see your partner play in real time. Other wise, you'll appear as a ghost ball. You can have it off if both agree. If you don't agree, on is the default.
    -Everything should be automatic from there.

    Step 5:
    -Post on this thread who won.

    Good luck and feel free to post any questions of PM me.

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    My printer is down and Having a difficult time reading the person I am matched against. Can someone spell it out for me.


    • penrose
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      I figured it out...Looked at a different place for names of users and was able to figure it out. Thanks for doing this..

    • Daddio
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      I am having trouble reading it also.

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    I'll post a better image when I get home. I didn't know if was so bad.


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      Trying to add a friend... can't click the 3-headed person button on the left side. BTW, I'm on Skytrak, and I never open up this 'The Golf Club Simulator' app. I always just start 'Skytrak TGC Interface.' I've also attached a screenshot of what I see when I click on 'My Profile.' It will not let me enter anything or 'Nickname / Alias.'

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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ID:	89838

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture1.JPG
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ID:	89837
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        Skytrak users need to add their TGC licence code under licence in the welcome to the golf club part shown above. I know Vincent had this problem. This opens you up to the friends part. I'll post the link when I get home.


        • aeroburner
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          there is instructions for skytrak owners in group play for adding friends

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        post 136 starts the explanation for friends on skytrak.


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          Yep. Need to make sure you copy your license key over from the TGC Interface to the TGC app page.


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            This course is tough...630 yard par 5!!! I'm gonna get squashed....


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              Thanks guys. And a 250 yard par 3 Jwheels9876 . Amazing re-creation of the course though. I was comparing each hole to the satellite view on the swing by swing app and it looks really well done.


              • Wyzyguy
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                I love that swing by swing app.. really helps on scouting a course that is new...

              • Jwheels9876
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                Yeah nothing like hitting driver on a par 3 lol.. Should be fun

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              I reposted the brackets in PDF and Larger font. Should be good.


              • Daddio
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                Much better, Thanks!

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              Possible to post Discord name on list?


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                Originally posted by Boo Radley View Post
                Possible to post Discord name on list?
                Or maybe have Discord ids in it own thread and have it sticky for future reference.
                Im Wyzyguy#5259 for what its worth!


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                  My Skytrak likes to make me reboot once in awhile while I'm playing, what happens to our something like our match play round if something glitches out on us?


                  • MainStGolf
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                    Yeah I'm unfortunately in the same boat on this one since my wi-fi hasn't seemed to be working lately. I'm plugged into computer via USB.

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                  Originally posted by allen2be View Post
                  My Skytrak likes to make me reboot once in awhile while I'm playing, what happens to our something like our match play round if something glitches out on us?
                  Gotta say I didn't see that coming. I have no idea if you can resume. With a GC2, you can reconnect if it goes offline but Skytrak is different. My best suggestion is try to resume. If that fails, start another match and concede hole until you reach the hole where it crashed.

                  Maybe Skytrak guys have another idea.
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                    I'm a skytrak guy I have i done this a few times now with no issues. Could there be a problem down the road with any LM. Yes. Is there a current problem. No. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It will all work out. Lets play some GOLF!


                    • Jwheels9876
                      Jwheels9876 commented
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                      How do you reboot the skytrak and keep playing your round? Mine wouldn't register a shot after trying like 10!times straight last night while playing a round so I tried to restart it and keep playing but I didn't know how. This was the first time I ever had to reboot the unit. I ended up having to restart TGC also and then hitting continue game

                    • allen2be
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                      My skytrak has it a handful of times the last couple days too.. the laser will be on, go to hit a shot and either nothing happens or the laser goes off then back on and nothing happens. Maybe there's a bug and it's not just me?

                      To resume, I either just reboot skytrak and restart TGC and then go right back to the same round but hit 'resume' instead of 'tee off and it usually takes me back to where j was. If I hit the 'windows' key, then reconnect the skytrak box, then bring my TGC window back up, it runs really choppy and looks awful (even if I hit alt+enter to get back to full screen mode). Hope that all makes sense.