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Weighing the advantages of GC2 vs. SkyTrak?

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  • Weighing the advantages of GC2 vs. SkyTrak?

    Looking at the possibility of getting a GC2 to replace a SkyTrak. Truth be told. I really like my SkyTrak.
    I havent had really any issues with my ST.

    I hit lots of balls outside from about 100 yards in and have confidence the ST handles that fine to known distances.

    - I am curious if users of both GC2 and Skytrak ( experience with both devices) have noticed ball speed differences between and club in the bag.
    - Any difference in spins rates throughout the bag?
    - Any difference in how the fades and draws and calculated.

    The real question I guess is it worth the upgrade & why?

    Any first hand knowledge from users of both would be greatly appreciated.
    Looking to make a decision today.



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    Well looks I will be the first to respond. First both are great. However, for 6,000 you can buy 3 skytraks - something to think about if you want a spare unit. Also, I think the GC2 will be more expensive to repair. As far as sim play it would be great if someone who had a skyrak and someone who had a GC2 if they could switch for a week, a day, or even play a round on the different device. Now, I think it would be cool to see your ball take off as soon as your swing was complete.

    since I have hardwired my setup the skytrak DOES not loose connection to the Wi-Fi network. It use to lose connection 2-5 times a round.

    If I went with the GC2 I would want the HMT to go with it - so I need 15,000 dollars. My 5 year plan for my sim is to build an extra room attached to the house and build another sim. No telling what will be available 5 years from now - just hopefully we are all still around hitting together.

    Hope my thoughts help you wyzguy.


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      I was at Golfers warehouse yesterday hitting some balls on their GC2 and trying out some new irons and a couple drivers. Gotta say, my distances with both were right in line with all my skytrak numbers down to the yard basically when I swung the same irons I use at home.
      when I swung The Ping G I was absolutely smashing it, carrying one 272 yards which I have NEVER done with my 10 year old Taylor made Driver lol. Needless to say I bought one on eBay used when I got home lol...

      the one thin I do love about the GC2 is that it's not right on top of me when I'm swinging like the skytrak seems to be. Is that worth an extra 3-5 grand? Not to me, although the piece of mind when others play would be nice...


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        Accuracy. I think the GC2 cameras are quicker and able to take a sharper resolution, this allows the GC2 to have a much larger hitting window and a larger box for where it does the analysis. This allows it to see more of the flight path. Ultimately, this probably also means it's less sensitive to lie and angle you place it. You'll notice with the Skytrak that if it was a few degrees tilted or 1/4 inch above or below the ball, you might get some wonky readings that the GC2 might not. GC2 also works great on grass where the skytrak does not.

        Overall, if you align the skytrak perfectly and hit two "normal" shots with the skytrak and gc2, they will have near identical results (difference coming from how they actually calculate flight path). But if you have a wonky one (thin/fat/hosel...) the skytrak might not be able to pick up the ball as the image might fall outside its "window box" where the GC2 won't have this issue due to its larger window box.

        A GC2 costs like 6-8K if i remember correctly, not to mention they charge like $1K for licenses. If you need 99.5% accuracy with 499/500 balls, then GC2 is the way to go. If you're okay with 98.5% accuracy and 1-2 misreads out of every 100 shots, then the skytrak will do just fine.


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          When talking dollars, and budget is an issue, ST is clearly the no-brainer choice. Maybe someone with extensive knowledge on both can provide an opinion, in the sense that if both units were hypothetically priced the same today for example, how many would choose GC2 over ST, and vice-versa? Why? I would be curious on this.


          • aja
            aja commented
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            Priced the same? No contest.

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          I'll provide my take on this. I recently went through the same thought process as you and considered getting a used GC2. I thought getting that extra accuracy would be great and no shot delay would also be great. I figure it would have ended up costing me about $2500 - $3000 extra. My situation is I have been a mid 90's golfer for about the last 5 years due to little time to practice or play with kids. I eventually came to the conclusion that the extra money simply isn't worth it. I am not looking to be a pro golfer so the extra accuracy isn't really all that necessary. Also, the skytrak has already done wonders in helping me improve my swing (which I hope translates to the golf course when it get warm. Also, I'm not sure the extra accuracy really buys you anything since we are always hitting from a perfect lie on a mat on our sims. It won't be like that IRL, so, in terms of accuracy translating to a real course, I don't think it matters all that much. As far as the shot delay, I have never really been bothered that much by it and some people make a big deal out of it, but to each their own I guess. I can play a full round in an hour which is fantastic. If I were to have less delay, I don't think it would change pace of play as I need a few moments after a swing anyways before I'm ready to swing again. I think for me the primary motivation started to become "upgrade fever" which is common when dealing with thing we are passionate about. So, in conclusion, would I like a GC2? You bet. But in terms of making financial sense for me over a skytrak it just doesn't cut it at this juncture. I would perhaps modify my position if it came with HMT at that price, but it doesn't so I don't see the big benefit. Some complain about skytraks chips and pitchs but I haven't had a big issue using JNPG. I can't hit a 10ft chip on it but I wouldn't due that in real life either so I don't see the big deal. That's my 2 cents.


          • brnixon
            brnixon commented
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            Well the primary reason is that I am not good enough to hit a chip that only goes ten feet But also, skytrak isn't great at very soft low chips. You can get them to read, it just sometimes takes a bit of fiddling with ball placement.

          • zamundan
            zamundan commented
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            Interesting. At what distance would you say Skytrak become "good" at accurately reading chips and pitches?

          • brnixon
            brnixon commented
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            I'm not sure I can put a correct distance on it as it depends on the type of chip. Soft higher chips work fine at nearly any distance. It is when you try to hit a low chip that it sometimes has issues below about 30 ft. I have heard that there is an update coming that has a new mode to help with this though. Not sure though.

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          I agree with all of these statements. I think for some people, especially with these used units, it's easy to think "okay i can sell my skytrak for X$ and then buy the used GC2 for Y$ and now I have a more reliable unit for a reduced cost".

          I don't think you'll really regret either decision, keep the skytrak or upgrade to the GC2.


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            I know about its shortcomings, but does the SkyTrak do anything better than the GC2? Like graphics, or software features, or sim play integration?


            • Wyzyguy
              Wyzyguy commented
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              I agree. Really like the skill assessment and movable greens. I could make one in TGC is suppose. The Firmware and Software have really improved in the last year.

            • Joko
              Joko commented
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              The skills assessment is one thing I will miss. I have been enjoying that the last month.

            • tlhammond5
              tlhammond5 commented
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              The Creative Golf 3D software for the GC2 has similar options as the SkyTrak skills challenges. I think it's $1200 though.

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            The size of the hitting window has two advantages. as others have mentioned, it allows for placement further from the death-area. it also allows for use of multiple surfaces if positioned correctly.

            The shot delay has been debated to death.

            3x the cost.

            The only real advantage I see in the gc2 is the hitting window and now that there are two viable aftermarket solutions for protecting the skytrak, even that advantage has become minimal.


            • Sascha1818
              Sascha1818 commented
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              I have put my skytrak on "rails" so I can move it without loosing alignment or level. I levelled the rails as good as I could. Works great especially for hitting from different areas of the cce mat and using a different mat for putting.

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            We are all on the same page.. I do like the hitting in real grass factor.. larger window... I actually like the delay with st.. gives me a moment to gather my own feedback... my SkyTrak has no issues reading baby chips or big flops.. so non factor there... I like the data right from the unit vs.. iPad need...the driver & 3w distances I believe would be more in line with irl... the scary thing is... I would probably keep my Skytrak and take it to work... lol... thanks for taking the time to reply... big shout out to Stingreye for giving me a call today... my goal is to be scratch come end of 2017... the $ are not the main concern.. true readings across the board is what I'm interested in... TGC I know will help my irl play... I hate hitting balls on the range... this sim play has really got me practicing in a real random way...


            • docsmilez
              docsmilez commented
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              how do you use a laser level with the GC2?

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            Wyzyguy, it was fun chatting with you today. Its tough to argue the value if you are a satisfied Skytrak owner. One thing I would really miss having now if you took it away from me now is the LCD readout on the GC2. I like knowing what my carry distance is regardless of if I am hitting from the rough/sand/etc in TGC. I like knowing clean strike it went x distance, even though due to elevation, rough, etc the ball only went a shorter distance in TGC. Its minor, not something you get IRL but I look at it after every shot.


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              I'm curious. Is the ST pretty accurate? Every now and then I hit a shot on the ES16 and am like, I didn't hit it there. That never happens on the GC2. Other than the odd shot on the ES, I find it really consisant and accurate. Question 2. Long term, how is Skytrak? Is it the same as day 1 for the early adopters or has it become less reliable?


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                Originally posted by mthunt View Post
                I'm curious. Is the ST pretty accurate? Every now and then I hit a shot on the ES16 and am like, I didn't hit it there. That never happens on the GC2. Other than the odd shot on the ES, I find it really consisant and accurate. Question 2. Long term, how is Skytrak? Is it the same as day 1 for the early adopters or has it become less reliable?
                It's not perfect, but I'd say mis-reads happen once every 50-100 shots. The bigger annoyance is non-reads, which happens maybe once out of 10-20 shots, usually when I pure it of course (hitting fat also causes non-reads for me). It's possible non-reads are linked to network problems.

                I was a fairly early adopter, and my SkyTrak has gotten better over time thanks to software and firmware upgrades.


                • acn684
                  acn684 commented
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                  my misreads only happen when I dont "diffuse" the red laser with the ball and striking it with my hybrids/woods. Is that something you're witnessing?

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                Originally posted by DeadStick View Post
                I was a fairly early adopter, and my SkyTrak has gotten better over time thanks to software and firmware upgrades.
                That's pretty possitive feedback.


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                  I find the Skytrak experience has gotten better with time as well... software.. network... great tool & the price is right... thanks for all the feedback..

                  with that said :

                  I am the proud owner of a GC2... well shortly.. I will post some objective thoughts when I can A/B them side by side..


                  Big thanks guys for all the info & help... I appreciate it!!!



                  • Brettskermetzger
                    Brettskermetzger commented
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                    can't wait to hear your feedback...i'm already planning for next year