TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Genghis (NET) and @Bradford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 Spring Tour - ATT Byron Nelson !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 Spring Tour - Fort Worth Invitational with 2 rounds at Colonial CC (beta) :
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    An update: i was contacted by another much nicer and gentle sales rep at e6 and told me that the price will get updated for loyal old users. They are in the talks to not to impose the pricing that we were talking about. And unfortunately they would not be able to release the product soon as they are still testing it. So pretty much in line to what I said and what I was hoping for. Competition is good and I hope they make great products at a great price so customers can play some quality games.
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      Glad things are looking up. I wonder what will be out first. E6 connect for skytrak or TGC 2019 for skytrak.


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        Thanks for the update. Not getting why these makers tease products so/too early. You shouldn't foster disappointment and lay a pattern where credibility leaks away constantly per your word or stated plans.


        • LEO MODE
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          All in all it does look like they are taking seriousness in the pricing and monitoring feedback which they should’ve been a long time ago.

          Asking customers in surveys and getting product demo feedback will be one good next step to understand the current market situation.

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        So, am I reading their website correctly? So if someone purchased the base course pack for E1.6 they get the same discount benefit as someone who purchased all the course packs for 3X the base amount? Or, do they get to keep and use all their courses if they stay will the basic packages? It doesn't seem fair to give the same benefit across the board when some have more invested than others.


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          I reached out to Trugolf end of last week for details on the pricing and today I received an email that stated you must buy the software at $2500 and THEN opt to pay $300 or $600 per year subscription to play online and get add ons.

          no thanks


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            Or you can stay with E6 1.6 I guess. Is that with an upgrade or just outright "purchase"? God I hate subscription models....


            • Jwheels9876
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              That was just buying the software. I don't own E6 1.6
              I think it was a $1500 upgrade fee if you already own the 1.6 then the annual fees on top of that to,play online