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TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - CareerBuilder Challenge

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  • TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - CareerBuilder Challenge

    2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer) Thursday


    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    CareerBuilder Challenge runs from TODAY - January 20.

    Purse: $9,000,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

    Tournament Rules:

    Join our Discord server to stay in touch with fellow players:


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      Great tournament. I was doing well and then i had a Tin Cup moment on 18th in the second round. A 12 on the last hole!


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        I had a lot of tin cup moments on this one. I found some invisible water on the last par 3 on the front right of the green.

        Thought the greens where really tiny in this one so the accurate iron players are going to separate from the field on this one.


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          This course has a lot of "Tin Cup" potential... I had one too!


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            Anyone wanting the answer to the question "is SIM golf realistic?" Only need look at my scorecard!

            Serious swing change on the go and it shows!!!!


            • R3dlineR6
              R3dlineR6 commented
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              That's pretty cool...will be interesting to see the progress in your game. I watched a few videos from Eric and like his stuff. I used to check GolfWRX a while back and there was very positive feedback about Dan Carraher. I also follow Andrew Jensen's channel and he works with Dan as well. Might send in my swing for review when I get more time to work on my game. Not easy to find time with a 13 months old little guy at home but one day he may like golf

            • dg_1983
              dg_1983 commented
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              I'm hoping to see things tighten up a bit, less side spin, lower launch, tighter start lines. Doing some super speed training as well so hopefully see the ball speed creep into the 160s more often.

              I hear you on the young ones 18month old in this house hold, skytrak and TGC has repaid it's debt over and over the last 2 years

            • R3dlineR6
              R3dlineR6 commented
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              Cute little one in your avatar...getting a simulator was one of the best investment for me as well. I only had time to play 7 or 8 rounds in real life last year. Sneaking in an hour of practice here and there while the little guy sleeps at night would be impossible otherwise. But yeah...eliminating side spin will be huge. I was at the Dell Technologies last year and the pros don't move the ball more than 5 yards both ways for the most part...unless necessary. The wedges are also hit much lower than you would think, super impressive stuff.

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            Wow, those are some tight fairways...


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              @SZ ya.... if you can get to them haha!! I just played a practice round and couldn't even drive most of the fairways! One was 250 carry to get too!!


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                Had a good second round going but got stuck in between the rocks and sand in front of the 15th green. I tried to take an unplayable but couldn't move the ball from the spot. I tried to hit out a few times but I wasn't going anywhere. I conceded the hole which gave me a 10 for the hole. Was that the right procedure? If not, what should I have done? Thanks!


                • BSCampbell
                  BSCampbell commented
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                  I seem to live in those rocks as well. I hit it in there and knew I couldn't get it out so when I took my unplayable I chose to go back to the tee. But once you take the initial unplayable and drop close by and attempt to hit it, I think the tee option is not available any more. Only thing i can think of at that point would be to try to hit it backwards away from the hole and hope that gives you enough room to hit the next shot. Is it bad that I may be looking for a place to lay up on a hole thats under 140 yds??

                • blitz12
                  blitz12 commented
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                  I think my mistake was not going back to the tee shot with the unplayable but I haven't had to have an unplayable before so I didn't know that was an option. I tried hitting out sideways and hitting a flop shot but no luck. Thankfully it's all for fun!

                • R3dlineR6
                  R3dlineR6 commented
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                  I ended in the same rocks as you but took an unplayable right away and rehit from the tee. If you try your ''luck'' once that's game over since you can't go back to the tee for some reason I think.

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                Just got back onto my simulator after months of house move and playing real golf!
                Played the last 2 tournaments and just wanted to say a big thanks to the organisers, course designers and the players for making this sooo good.

                After the long layoff, I'm having massive problems re-adjusting to putting (a couple of 4 putts), chipping (not getting the green in 3 attempts from 40 yds) and the difficulty of the courses (you really need to drive straight and long).

                Putting, in particular, is a totally different pace to winter greens here in the UK. A 10ft putt on the simulator would go about a foot on the greens on my local course...

                Looking forward to some playing more great courses before the spring.


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                  Man those greens.......I couldn't get any putt close. I'm looking forward to the course swing without water! I just didn't respect it enough this tournament !


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                    Two doubles on hole 4 and a triple on hole 10. Plenty of opportunities for a big number.
                    Hole 4 the second time, I had what appeared was an open iron shot to the green. I struck a beautiful iron shot and then I heard the rustling of leaves. I was like no no no. Definitely didn't carry the water. Then I was please don't make me hit it again. I got lucky it gave me a drop up by the water.

                    Plenty of trouble lurking

                    Hit em well



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                    Wow, nice to finally get a tournament round in without tin cupping at least one hole in the round.
                    first round had the typical blow up hole - bunch in the water on 7 - ended up with 11
                    second round was terrifying, in a good way, coming down the last few holes knowing all that water was there just waiting to swallow my ball and no tin cup. Sweet.


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                      Enjoyed the course despite a couple water balls.


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                        Will we EVER play a course without water on every other hole?!