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How to turn on SHOT RECORDING

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  • How to turn on SHOT RECORDING

    Shot Recording is a Tournament feature. In order to use shot recording you must have a tournament user profile.
    Play at least 1 live tournament event or official Q-School event in order for your tournament user profile to be created on .

    TGC includes a SETTINGS file.

    You can edit this file using the TGC Dashboard.
    Skytrak users have a shortcut icon installed on the Windows Desktop: SkyTrak TGC Settings.

    Important: Make sure the server or any other interface program is not running.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	dashboard.jpg Views:	1 Size:	155.2 KB ID:	89551

    This settings file contains a section: [TGC Online].
    Here you find:

    Shot Recording=OFF

    1] Turn on Shot Recording by changing Shot Recording=OFF to Shot Recording=ON. Save the file.

    2] Copy the USER ID.

    3] Edit your Forum user profile and paste the USER ID in the field: TGC User ID.

    4] Edit the field TGC Nickname in your forum user profile. Make sure its EXACTLY the same as the nickname you use in TGC (case sensitive).

    5] Save you forum profile and hit a couple of test shots on a random course.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	forumprofile.jpg Views:	1 Size:	37.7 KB ID:	89552

    You will find the recordings on under your tour player profile.

  • I can't believe I'm going to be one of these people, but cant get anything to show up on the tour page. I followed all steps listed above copied everything correctly and then went and hit a few shots a random course, nothing showed up. I am looking for any help what so ever. My nickname is the same on both TGC and this site. My user name copied and pasted correctly one to the other, then turned on shot recording. Any guidance, greatly appreciated.


    • ProTee United
      ProTee United commented
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      You will need to play at least 1 round (Q-School or Tour Event) in order for your tour account to be created.

  • Hi,
    Just installed TGC 2019. Seems to have reset the config, even for TGC1.
    I tried to (re)follow all steps but no shot was recorded (played a few shot on a range in TGC1).
    Are there additional steps to be done when you have both version of TGC installed?
    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • NetcheK
      NetcheK commented
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      The problem was solved by Protee.
      Fantastic customer service! (In accordance with their reputation)

    • Malcontent
      Malcontent commented
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      What was the fix? I'm in the same boat, no shots recorded after the upgrade to TGC2019. The settings file still had shot recording turned on, that did not reset. Thanks!

    • NetcheK
      NetcheK commented
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      I contacted Protee's customer service and I guess they made the fix.
      Perhaps you should contact them if the problem is not solved yet.